Meet Susan Alexandra

Susan Alexander Passerbuys

Meet Susan Alexandra, a jewelry designer, painter and devotee of all things colorful and vibrant. Originally hailing from the Midwest, she moved to NYC because she had to-there was an inexplicable pull. Susan’s artistic influences range from Frida Kahlo’s lace gowns, Oilily patterns from the 90’s, heartbreak, empathy, bodega signs, watermelon candies and hip-hop. She is dedicated to creating a loving, supportive community in NYC and organizes gatherings to nurture and connect women. She is a Scorpio, which is important.
  Outfit Details:  Top, Still Here  ; Pants, Thrift;   Jewelery, Susan Alexandra

Outfit Details: Top, Still Here; Pants, Thrift; Jewelery, Susan Alexandra

  Outfit Details:  Top, Still Here  ; Pants, Thrift;  Jewelry, Susan Alexandra

Outfit Details: Top, Still Here ; Pants, Thrift; Jewelry, Susan Alexandra

On her morning routine

My morning routine: press snooze 25 times and then finally, I decide it's time to be a real human. Generally I do a light insta lurk and a quick check of emails. Then, before anything becomes too real, I have a cup of coffee in bed, just to ease into the day. Coffee in bed is my form of meditation. I recently adopted a dog and walking him has been a really good excuse for me to leave the house (I work from home). I walk Pigeon (my dog) and then get down to business.

on her work

I've always created, painted and sculpted and adored fashion. The way I make my jewelry is a way I can combine my love of painting and my love of adornment. I moved to NYC to pursue a career in fashion styling which is what I thought was my calling. I ended up feeling less creative and less joy than I ever had. I was completely creatively blocked and un-inspired for years. On a whim, I took a metal-working class. Generally, jewelry is all about precision and perfection, which is simply not something I can abide by. To fix my wonky metal work I would enamel over the imperfections with designs and colors and shapes. I made a website and put my pieces up, just for fun, not expecting anything to really happen. And it has evolved from there. I was working for another designer for years and finally I decided I couldn't keep giving my energy away and depleting myself. I made the leap to working for myself full time which is still incredibly frightening but I am happier than I have ever been. I could talk on this subject for ages.

On finding her inspiration

Inspiration always strikes in different ways. Suddenly an idea will pop into my head and I will just expand upon that until it doesn't spark joy. Recently I led a workshop on ceramic painting and one of my students painted a pot that was so inspiring that I made an entire collection based on it. I'm always inspired by Frida Kahlo, Marie Antoinette, fruits, flowers, heartbreak and empathy. I try to incorporate those elements into every piece.

I’ve struggled with acne my entire life and I’m constantly on the hunt for a cure. Right now I am trying to heal myself internally because everything happening externally is a product of the condition of our gut. I am taking vegetable silica and probiotics and plan on consuming lots of bone broths and diatomaceous earth this winter. Again with the 70’s hippie shtick.
— On her struggle with acne

Susan's favorite beauty products

on her aesthetic

Currently my aesthetic is spiritual healer feminist activist Carole King 70’s ceramics instructor. I’ve realized my favorite clothing items were given to me. My absolute favorite clothing item is a vintage, perfect navy sweatshirt my dad wore in the 70’s. My friend Ivy made an embroidered t-shirt that says “good luck”, it’s becoming a new classic in my wardrobe. My friend Elizabeth gave me a peach APC cashmere cardigan and the most perfect pair of levi’s denim shorts and they’re the best things I’ve ever owned. I think wearing clothing from people you love gives you the feeling of protection, which we always need. I buy a lot from Beacons and Fox and Fawn (which is shop-able via instagram, so you can indulge with ease!).

On wearing Red lipstick

Once a guy friend told me that the reason I was single at the time was because I insisted on wearing red lipstick. He said men hate lipstick. Men are dumb! I think a woman in vibrant lipstick is one of the most beautiful things on earth and I feel more myself and more radiant in a bright red lip than anything else.


I love getting laser light treatments at Skin Laundry. It's a 15 minute facial where they use microcurrents and laser lights to zap breakouts and stimulate collagen. It is alien future skin care and it works. Like immediate results. Go now.

On reading

I must admit, I have fallen victim to ADD internet brain and reading is one thing I haven't had much time for as of late. I have been in the process of reading "My Brilliant Friend" for 6 months, so finally I gave in and bought the book on Audible so now I listen to it while I work! Voila!

Susan Alexandra Passerbuys
Susan Alexander Passerbuys
I am obsessed with Ayuervedic healing and bought this cookbook which has received rave reviews on Amazon. I try to incorporate Ayuervedic elements into my diet. For example, it’s getting colder outside and our bodies need warming foods to adjust. I am cooking with a lot of turmeric and ginger and am mindful of foods that are cooling or heating, etc.
— on Ayuervedic Healing
 Susan's favorite books
  Street Style Details:  Top , Sleepy Jones  ;  Pants, Sleepy jones  ; Sandals, Thrift

Street Style Details: Top , Sleepy Jones ; Pants, Sleepy jones ; Sandals, Thrift


Photography by Audrey Cotton