Meet Sabrina Diaz

Sabrina Diaz

Sabrina Diaz grew up in Bergen County, New Jersey. She describes her high school as “your quintessential and stereotypical school,” closely resembling Mean Girls. There was even a rumor going around that the movie was based off her school. By her junior year, tired of of that scene, Sabrina took any opportunity she could to get out of her school and her hometown, often ending up in the city. She knew that New York was where she wanted to be for college, and started at LIM before moving to FIT, where she studied marketing and business. 



Grass Roots Juicery Duh! 

Dolly G's Vintage

Los Primos has the best Dominican food in the hood.

Bunker has crazy good Vietnamese. Thinking about the garlic rice makes my mouth water. 



STREETSTYLE DETAILS: overalls, vintage; turtleneck, vintage gucci; jacket, thrifted; Boots, Saint Laurent; Bag, A.P.C.