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Nicole is a creative director, producer, filmmaker, copywriter and co-founder of Local Creative, a collaborative lifestyle collective and studio she curates with friend Jenna Saraco. The Studio by Local Creative is where brands small and large can source content creation in the form of design, photography and video rooted in community, collaboration and storytelling.  



Streetstyle Details: Top, Hunter, Skirt, vintage, shoes, zara, bag, oad

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Answering and writing emails is not the most fun so I try to get it out of the way first thing. I also make a list of what needs to be done for the day in the morning too. If there is time I go for a quick run at McGolrick Park and get another coffee from Champion, they have the best cold brew! Then I rush back home and somehow take a shower and get ready in 20 minutes to head out to the first meeting for the day.
I set my alarm to go off at 7am every morning but I actually wake up around 8:30. I’d like that time to be 7:30 one day. It’s a new challenge to drink a glass of water with fresh squeezed lemon when I get out of bed. The lemon helps so it’s not just water everyday and it’s nice to feel hydrated to start the day. My cat Carlos has already probably been meowing since 6am so I put food in his bowl then I make my morning coffee and a small breakfast so we can eat together. I really love maple nut oatmeal at the moment with some bananas.
Dress, Datura ; Shoes, Mirth

Dress, Datura ; Shoes, Mirth

Before Local Creative I had a lot of random jobs that I was unsure of their purpose at the time and I questioned if I was heading in the right direction but it’s all starting to make sense. After graduating college I found myself working at a hotel in the Lower East Side where I tried some managerial positions before landing a ‘dream job’ at a large PR company. After working with so many interesting characters at the hotel the PR firm felt a little too serious for me and I realized I quickly didn’t fit in that space. With both jobs I gained crazy experience from some of the best professionals in PR and hospitality which combined with my writing background gave me an excellent foundation in lifestyle and communications which was essential for starting Local Creative.
My relationship with Jenna [co-founder of Local Creative] was built around our love for our grandmother’s which sort of initially inspired Local Creative. Their ideas of home, style and celebrating a community of family and friends struck a chord with us. We both have an Eastern European / Mediterranean background and these qualities of life were always familiar to us and brought us together as friends. From there we both found ourselves waitressing and meeting Monday nights to discuss pages we pulled out of magazines, exhibits to see or stories we read from the week that we found interesting. It was fairly casual until someone asked what we called ourselves and we decided Local Creative was an easy way to describe our project.

Nicole's favorite books

Everyone should read Osho ‘Love, Freedom and Aloneness’. It’s really helpful in understanding yourself and how to participate in healthy relationships around a realistic ideas of love, freedom and aloneness as basic conditions.
I try to have have a very natural approach as an art director, I never want anything to feel forced or contrived. Ideas and concepts are always floating in my mind as I absorb information from all types of media. Usually I wait for all the pieces to fall in place organically but if it’s a project on a tighter timeline I love the challenge or diving into to research to find something memorable and custom to the client. I’m always filing names of on models, locations, colors and stories consciously and subconsciously in my everyday. Pinterest and mood boarding actually is a huge help in organizing all this information collectively as I wouldn’t call my process the most organized. Storytelling is ultimately what I love most about my job. I love that I get to have an opinion and it matters. I love colors, beautiful surroundings, texture and faces of people and I love putting them all together to create something to share with the world.
I like anything and everything vintage. It’s so satisfying to discover an older piece of clothing and bring life to it again. Recently I’ve been really into studying current/archived collections and finding pieces at the thrift or a local vintage store, it seems like the thrill of the chase is what makes collecting so appealing. Some of my favorite vintage shops are Mirth in Greenpoint, Ten Foot Single in Williamsburg is great for basics, Persephone Vintage has really unique pieces on Etsy and Passenger in LA is just ridiculously well curated. I also like to do my own vintaging when I’m on the road or visit home. There are always wishlist shopping like Lisa Says Gah, Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Caron Callahan, Jesse Kamm, Rachel Comey and Sincerely, Tommy. Style wise I recently read the description “Euro sophisticate with touches of classic American ideals” in a review for a fall collection for a designer I admire. I love these words and I like to think I fall somewhere within this but my style is evolving.

Top, Mahps ; Jeans, Vintage ; Shoes, Mirth

Something about Pet Sounds resonates with the transition of life I have been feeling lately. Maybe it’s just the shifting of the seasons but it perfectly captures of feeling where I’ve been and where I’m going which I’m sure many can relate.
Nicole's favorite records

Nicole's favorite records

I’m inspired by interior design, architecture, florals, shadows, fashion campaigns, landscape. People in general inspiring me too, a certain look, features and characteristics, a specific personality. I’m inspired by film, TV. I feel like a sponge, I just absorb what’s in my everyday and put it back into my work.
My furniture is mostly from Craigslist, thrifted by me or from Porter James / Adaptations in Greenpoint. We also collaborated with some incredible brands such as Hedge House who designed my beautiful walnut bed frame and Brush Factory where I got my breakfast nook table. There is a bit of a global influence in my home style. The open, airy and rustic layout of Mediterranean homes is always dear to me but can be hard to achieve in a tiny NY apartment. My room I kept light with simple white linens and walls. I try not to clutter where I sleep too much.

Nicole's favorite beauty products


Nicole's favorite beauty products

I am super into a fresh faced beauty look. Dewy glowing skin is hard to beat so invest in your skin, splurge on that facial and nice soap. My routine is the most minimal. In the morning I use a tiny drop of Malaya Hair Oil. I moisturize everyday with Grown Alchemist Matte Balancing Moisturizer and Shiva Rose spitz rose water on my face for hydration. I usually only wear Glossier Stretch Concealer and Generation G Matte Lip in Crush. Sometimes a little mascara and Glossier Bow Brow if I’m going out later.







✓ Dinner at Little Dokebi

✓ Brunch at­ Café Mogador

✓ Coffee at­ Bakeri for the atmosphere

McGolrick Park is like my backyard here

✓ For shopping: ­ Mirth Vintage