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Ivy Weinglass is an only child and a Cancer (with her moon in Cancer and her sun in Scorpio). She attended high school in Los Angeles and returned to her hometown of New York to attend NYU, where she studied Media and Marketing. After graduating, she worked in music marketing before trying her hand at wardrobe styling, and eventually, prop styling. These days, she focuses most of her time to ceramics and other crafts. She’d love to live near a lake, her body of water of choice, and she prefers fall and winter over summer. She loves her Maine Coon Cat, Woody, very much. If she were stranded on a desert island (presumably in the middle of a very large lake, not an ocean), the two things she would bring would be a comfy pair of PJs and an unlimited protein source because she gets low blood sugar very easily.



STREETSTYLE DETAILS: Jumpsuit, Sunglasses, Thrifted ; Bag, Vintage Coach ;  Boots, Clark's ; Reusable Grocery Bag, The Strand


// Photography by Anastasia Lafond

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I naturally wake up pretty early, at around 7:30 without an alarm. As much as I wish I didn’t, I spend a few minutes on my phone before I get up, wash my face and brush my teeth, throw on whatever is easy - usually a jumpsuit or jeans and whatever shirt I was sleeping in - and head out to my favorite coffee shop. Walking there is my favorite time to just clear my head, no phones allowed. I create a plan for the day, have imaginary convos with people... you know, normal stuff.
The Dan Eldon book made me an artist. 100%. And in terms of my work that I do now, Native Funk and Flash set me on a path. It’s my mom’s book from when she was a hippie. We had it when I was growing up and I remember constantly flipping through it and being in awe.
Reading each of those books changed the way I looked at things and saw the world and I wish I could read them all for the first time again. Those books are the ones, to this day, that I can actually remember the physical feeling of reading. Like when you are so involved in a book the whole world around you becomes white noise. You’re just free-falling deeper and deeper into it, and time and space don’t even matter. Work doesn’t matter. I’ll read even if I‘m going one stop on the subway. And when it’s over it’s as if you’ve suffered a loss. I get depressed and very sad when I finish a book like that. I constantly miss that world and miss it as my companion, but then i just go to Strand Books and find a new companion.
I’ve always been a bit of a hoarder. But I also get super attached and ascribe deeply emotional feelings towards certain objects, so throwing anything out that I’ve decided has an emotional context is out of the question, which means I’m forced to create little dioramas on every surface in my room. I have bowls of rocks that for some reason or another have travelled far and wide with me. I have weird little things I’ve picked up in thrift stores across the country. I have stacks on stacks on stacks of books that I’ve read and ones that I am meaning to read. The older I get, the more deliberate I am in choosing things to bring home with me. But if I find any wicker furniture or a wall hanging I’m toast. It’s mine, no questions asked and I don’t care if there’s no room for it. I’ll make room, or I’ll store it somewhere until I have my dream house. I even have a beautiful woven hammock stored somewhere for this aspirational dream home that lives in my mind. Its an aspirational hammock.
All of these records are my dad’s old records from when he was younger than me. I don’t necessarily listen to these all the time anymore, but this is what I was raised on and what has informed me musically. Blondie was played all the time; nobody is better than Debbie Harry. Elvis Costello’s voice can bring me back to being a kid. And Joe Cocker’s Mad Dogs and Englishmen will always be my 100% favorite album of all time. It’s genius and amazing and everybody should go listen to it.
95% of my wardrobe is from Beacon’s Closet. It’s on my way home from the subway and sometimes if I’m not paying attention, my body will just take me there. I used to be HUGELY into thrifting but my style has evolved and while, yes, Beacon’s is pretty much thrifting, it’s also curated and they have some amazing designer and vintage stuff. My aesthetic is pretty simple and tom-boyish. I feel most comfortable in fall and winter clothes. I am constantly on the search for the perfect jeans and the perfect white t-shirt. That to me is the best outfit there is. A jumpsuit is heaven. I used to welcome any and all jumpsuits or overalls, but recently I’m looking for a little more feminine cut while still being work-wear. And I’ve never met an oversized navy blue sweater I didn’t immediately love. For when I need to dress up I tend to go toward floral dresses. I love Indian cotton dresses and in my mind that’s all I wear, but in reality they’re more special occasion dresses.
I feel like I wasn’t meant to do just one thing. I get bored easily, so it’s a way of keeping myself entertained. All the different things I do - quilting, embroidery, ceramics, whatever is going to come next - is all because I personally wanted to make something for myself. It’s almost always been a test to see if i can even do it, to try and figure it out. And then I’m like, ‘oh shit this is cool, let me make one for a friend,’ and so on and so on.
I started making ceramics about 2 and a half years ago. I was really down in the dumps, just very lost about what I was doing in life and what I wanted to be doing in life. I had always done art, mainly charcoal drawings, and learning new crafts was really fun for me, so I was trying to teach myself as many as possible.For my birthday, my parents got me a 6 week ceramic class at Choplet in Williamsburg, and I just spent every second in the studio. It was like therapy! And I loved the medium. I can be such an impatient person and there is NO room for impatience in ceramics. Its taught me so much and honestly as cheesy as it sounds, it’s made me a way better person, I think. And so I just went with it, reaching out a little at first to stores, and then more and more and it’s just snowballed and I never want it to stop!
Some of Ivy's favorite beauty products; Palo Santo Freshening Mist

Some of Ivy's favorite beauty products; Palo Santo Freshening Mist

I have cystic acne which is just the worst. I would never wish it upon anybody. It’s painful physically as well as emotionally. So my main focus is clear skin, everything else is just icing on the cake. Every few months I find you’ve got to mix it up, but let me tell you, the thing that has changed my skin the most is Paula’s Choice products, specifically the Resist BHA set. If I have good skin, I could be wearing a trash bag and feel so so great. Egyptian Magic is also great, I put it around my eyes at night to stop wrinkles. And if my skin gets sunburned or chapped it clears it up over night! For make-up i’m a light concealer, mascara, light cheek color, and full, thick, untamed brows kind of gal. My hair gets super dry so many oils are necessary. I like Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Oil, or just plain argan oil. For scents I wear Burnin’ for You Candle Co’s Mojave Daydream and/or Olo Dark Wave.
Honestly, wear whatever makes you feel good. When I wear a lot of makeup, I just don’t feel like myself. You just need to be able to look in the mirror and recognize yourself. If that means no makeup, thats awesome! If that means a ton of makeup, thats awesome! If that changes daily, thats awesome!




✓ All I want lately is to get ramen from Samurai Mama , go to a movie at Nitehawk , and then get an ice cream sundae for dessert.

✓ I get all my home stuff these days at Dobbin Street Vintage Co-Op

✓ I get all my candles and witchy stuff at Enchantments

✓ I love Crest Hardware for absolutely everything, plus they have a pig

If you're feeling sick, get the curry chicken noodle soup from Nha Trang One

✓ Loren denim fixes all my jean issues! (And I have many)