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Meet Jo Rosenthal

“Jo Rosenthal is an artist to her core. She’s a kind old soul that sees the world through a unique lens and is in passionate pursuit of bringing that vision to life for others. She’s a woman to watch and game-changer, testing the boundaries of media driving forward to discover first what others don’t even know they are seeking. Jo is provocative, defying whats expected testing & learning what elicits her desired response...she’s fearless - paradoxically narcissistic - unfazed by what others think and constantly curious of outside perception. She’s an ultimate maker and next generation craftsman and destiny is like clay in her hands!” - Roseanna (Jo’s Cousin)

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Meet Arpana Rayamajhi

Born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal. She received her BFA from The Cooper Union School of Art, focusing primarily on Painting and Sculpture. She founded her jewelry brand in 2014, where she brings her Nepali heritage and craftsmanship to each of her pieces whilst drawing inspiration from tribal/ethnic, pop cultures, Rock & Roll and Death. In addition she is also the co-­founder of DISPOSE, an online magazine collection of disposable photographs that narrate the day of an individual. 


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Meet Rachel Howe

Meet NYC Passerby, Rachel Howe, an Artist and Spiritual Advisor. Since attending Parsons, she started her own business making functional ceramics under the name Small Spells, and after two and a half years with ceramics as her full-time job, she is now moving on to working on many other projects, mainly design projects and healing services.

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