Meet Alyssa Coscarelli

Meet Alyssa Coscarelli

Alyssa Coscarelli

Fashion Market Writer at Refinery29, Williamsburg

Alyssa moved to NYC about 5 years ago after growing up down south in Florida and Georgia. She is a fashion market writer at Refinery29 and so-called "Instagrammer" on the side. She lives in Williamsburg with her best friend and her pet bunny. Most of the time, she is running around Manhattan and working like crazy, but in her spare time, she likes to eat a lot of brunch, explore different neighborhoods, and try new workout classes.



STREETSTYLE DETAILS: Jumpsuit, ASOS ; Shoes, Urban Outfitters ; Bag, Lisa Says Gah

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I used to take forever getting ready - ever since I was young I’ve always loved taking my time with my morning routine, but I’ll definitely say that as I’ve gotten older and busier, it’s gotten a lot shorter. I’m a night shower-er, so in the morning I just wash my face, brush my teeth, put on some deoderant, fix my bangs, do my makeup, get dressed and leave. I usually eat breakfast and have coffee once I get to the office, but other times, I’ll get up a bit earlier to have breakfast with one of my close friends. It’s a little ritual I’ve started to do around once a week. It’s a fun way to start the day early and on a high note (and with a yummy meal!).
My aesthetic changes pretty much every day, so this makes my shopping pretty unpredictable. I’ve been slowly weeding Zara out of my shopping haunts and sticking more to indie boutiques (my favorite is The Frankie Shop) and vintage spots around the neighborhood. I also like a lot of independent e-shops that I stumble upon here and there. But it’s pretty all over the place. Overall I’d say my aesthetic is minimal classic with trendy twists.
I attended LIM College here in NYC, and a major focus there was getting internships and essentially graduating with a full resume, and that’s exactly what I did. I interned at BCBG and the CFDA and then landed my internship at Refinery29, helping manage contributor content. But, working with contributors made me realize I wanted to be doing writing of my own. Down the line, once I graduated, a spot opened up on the fashion team and I applied for it. A few weeks later, I dove headfirst into the job with no idea what to expect, and it’s been an amazing roller coaster since.

Alyssa's favorite books

Top, W Concept ; Jeans, Topshop ; Shoes, Vans

Writing was always my strongpoint growing up. I remember when everyone would complain about essay-style tests in school and I always sort of loved them and could write 5 paragraphs about just about anything. My major in college was Merchandising, but it was when I had my internship at Refinery29 that I realized I really wanted to write more and could see myself doing it as a full-time job.
I love Alexa Chung’s book because it’s witty, aesthetically pleasing and doesn’t try too hard. I felt like I was reading it in her voice and getting a peek into her mind, and it’s the kind of book I could see myself making one day. She’s someone I’ve cheesily admired since I was young for her personal style and character and overall cool-factor.
Instagram is really just a fun thing for me to pursue on the side. I enjoy taking and editing photos and sharing my life and my experiences with my friends and followers. People always ask me how I got to where I am on the platform or what they can do to get more followers, and it’s always hard for me to answer because it all happened gradually and naturally for me — no crazy hashtags or Follow-for-Follow needed. I think people just enjoy following my fashion journey in New York City and discovering new spots, which is exactly what I use Instagram for. I try to just show a realistic reflection of my day-to-day, and hopefully inspire some people along the way or add a place or two to their must-see list if they’re visitng NYC one day. It’s kind of like my personal visual diary meets New York City guide.

Alyssa's favorite makeup

I recommend my liquid eyeliner to everyone - I often wear a cat-eye and I always use the same one because it’s the only one I’ve found that goes on as easily and stays on really well all day long. It’s called Maybelline MasterPrecise.

Alyssa's favorite beauty products

I think as we all get older we start to pay more attention to skincare, and that’s definitely true to me. I actually spend more on my skincare products. I like to exfoliate a few times a week and use a deep cleansing mask once a week, too. I’ve been using the same majority-drugstore makeup brands and products for years on end.






✓ I'm a regular at Sweatshop - iced latte & the Co-Yo bowl are my go-tos.

✓ I also go to Cafe Colette almost every weekend with my roommate for poached eggs and a side of sausage.

✓ Reynard at the Wythe hotel is lovely.

✓ I've been hitting up Horizons Vintage around the corner from my place just about every weekend. They have amazing stuff and it's not too overpriced.