Director/Cinematographer. Lower East Side. 


Born and raised in Moscow, Russia, Nadia moved to NYC in 2010 to pursue film directing. She's been living in the Lower East Side for the last couple of years. She is represented by ThemToo Productions





Dress, American Apparel ; Shirt, River Island ; Shoes, COS ; Backpack, Chanel. 

 Top,  Jaded London

Top, Jaded London

I don’t really spend much time on shopping, but I get my clothes from Topshop, COS, American Apparel and sometimes ASOS.
First two things I do in the morning are brushing my teeth and checking my emails. Then I go to the gym, if it’s not extremely hot outside.

Outfit, Jaded London

I like sweatpants and black dresses. I go for simplicity, comfort & black, no extra thoughts.

Nadia's Favorite Shoes from left to right; YRU, Adidas, Topshop, COS & Dr Martens 

Nadia's favorite beauty products

I don’t have a beauty routine, but my favorite product is Chanel’s Vitalumiere Aqua. It makes the skin look perfect. I try to buy products that are made from natural ingredients and never overdo it.

 Outfit, Jaded London

Outfit, Jaded London

Nadia's gear.

I was working as a photographer in Moscow, but after graduating from university, I became more involved in filmmaking. So I moved to NYC, the place where every corner is so cinematic and the people are so different.
I started taking these polaroids in 2012 in New York. That year, I met a lot of beautiful people and wanted to have simple portraits for my future castings.

Chanel Cocoon Backpack

Russian literature has the biggest legacy and I still enjoy reading classics, it’s timeless, and anti-utopia is one of my favorite genres. Gilles Deleuze - Cinema is one of the greatest books about art of filmmaking from a philosophical point of view.
Marlene Dumas is one of my favorite artists, whose essays I discovered recently. I bought her book in Tate Modern in London after visiting her exhibition.

Nadia's Favorite Books

The social animal is an amazing sociological/psychological work written in a form of a fiction.


Top, American Apparel

Top, American Apparel ; Shoes, COS

Nadia's Wishlist

Nadia Recommends

RPM is my neighborhood bar, every day opens till late. Troost in Greenpoint is one of my favorite places and Donnybrook in the LES is great too. 

Coffee in Berkli Parc is very good. I also like Cafe Petisco and salads from Sweetgreen


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