Writer. Chinatown.


Born in San Francisco and lives in New York, in a tiny Chinatown apartment. She is a contributing writer at the New York Times Magazine, and writes a column called “Help Desk" in the New York Times Book Review. She also makes funny little high-concept calling cards through her side business, Compliments Of.

Streetstyle details: Top, Outdoor Voices ; Sweatshirt, Samuji ; Jeans, Levi's 501 ; Shoes, Converse ; Backpack, MadPax ; Sunglasses, Warby Parker

If I need a break at work, I like to watch the live auctions at Sotheby’s—they broadcast them on the website. One of the paintings that failed to sell last year at an Old Masters auction in London was this freaky little babyman from the 1500s. I contacted the department and asked if I could make a deal with the seller, and a month later my painting showed up in a crate.
My morning routine: I put on a podcast (Open Source is my favorite; it keeps me smart). Splash cold water on face, apply moisturizer, put on makeup, dress, walk to my office, and make a very strong cup of Irish Breakfast tea.

Top, Topshop ; Jeans, Levi's 

My pal James Siena (who is an artist and former frame maestro) helped me reframe it. It is the oldest thing I own by several hundred years.

Jeans, Levi's ; Shoes, VIVETTA

Molly's favorite books

I love books that are virtuous and weird. Amelie Nothomb hits both qualities out of the park.
If I need to concentrate on writing, I turn off my phone. But I still like to know what time it is. (Slightly compulsive.) Hence, there is always at least one clock within eyeshot of me. I buy them on eBay or Etsy.

Molly's favorite beauty products

I don’t really have a beauty routine, but an Aquis towel is magic if you have long hair. You wrap it around your soggy strands after the shower and five minutes later, your hair is 90% dry.

Molly's favorite fragrances

Molly's makeup routine

Top, Comme Des Garcon ; Jeans, Levi's ; Shoes, Marais

My advice on how to decorate your place is to first figure out what your favorite colors are and fill your house with them, then figure out what houseplants thrive in your apartment and fill your house with those, too.
I find a uniform and wear it until it bores me. Now I am wearing white Levi’s 501s every day with a white cotton or silk top. Yesterday my younger brother said to me, “You are dressed like a tampon.” I am fine with that.

Top, APC ; Jeans, Levi's 501 ; Shoes, Marais

Sweatshirt, Samuji

Dress, Gucci

Steve Martin used to hand out these calling cards to fans who approached him. A friend and I thought it would be fun to make similar cards, but with VERY VERY specific Compliments written on them. It’s the analogue version of hitting the “like” button. I use them as gift tags on presents and as placecards at dinner parties. They make everyone giggle.

Top, Outdoor Voices, Jeans, Levi's 501 ; Shoes, Marais

My only writing tip is “read a lot”, as for career tips, turn in your work on time, find good editors to work with, and accept their edits gratefully.

Top, Outdoor Voices ; Sweatshirt, Samuji ; Jeans, Levi's 501




My favorite neighborhood bar is Clandestino

Lucky King Bakery has the best crispy sesame balls for an afternoon snack.

Odessa is my #1 diner. (Best banana pancakes.)

I look forward to every new issue of n+1  that arrives in my mailbox from Brooklyn.


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