Event Producer. South Williamsburg.


Born in Des Moines, Iowa, Mandisa has lived in New Jersey, California, Georgia & Louisiana due to her father's job at UPS. She originally moved to NYC for a boyfriend, but eventually finished college and interned at YSL. Since then, she's been in the marketing/events world. She currently helps produce events for thousands of people. Mandisa is 6 feet tall, middle of 5 sisters, and loves to dance.


Streetstyle details: Dress, Studio Ease; Shoes, Salt Water ; Bag, Vintage

 Top, Cotton Candy ; Jeans, Levi's

Top, Cotton Candy ; Jeans, Levi's

I stopped drinking coffee which is hard, so when I wake up I drink a full glass of water. Then I wash my face with coconut oil, brush my teeth and lay and look out the window. If it is nice, I will go up to the roof, it’s a solid view.

Top, Cotton Candy ; Jeans, Levi's

I used to do ‘internet stuff’, which no one really understood, so none of my friends could tell you what I did. I have moved back to what I am good at, which is large scale event production. I love logistics and challenges. When someone tells me there are 10 problems, a ton of money on the line and 20 minutes to fix it, I thrive. I guess I am into pressure.
I have a full brain so I typically wake up for the first time around 5 am, then a second time around 8am. I put on music before I do anything - my parents always had music on in the morning, it is very important to me.
I work in Dumbo so I just hop on the ferry for about 5 minutes then I am there. Going to work on a boat has changed my life, it’s so peaceful and the best way to start your day.
Right now I am reading: “The New Yorker” - always, fiction first then front to back, “Dear Mr. You” by Mary-Louise Parker, it’s really good - it’s all these encounters with men in her life, I love that. “The Magnate” by Herman Hagedorn. It is the biography of William Boyce Thompson. He built this crazy mansion that I have done a few events at in Yonkers. He was this amazing copper dude and the mansion is kind of beyond words. It’s a little bit of a homework read but I have gotten into it. My mom is really into “The Book of Awakening”, so I try to read the daily entry every day. It’s kind of a new topic for us to talk about, so I enjoy it.

Shirt, Vintage ; Shorts, Levi's

Mandisa's favorite beauty products

I wash my face with coconut oil. It keeps my skin super clear and smooth and hydrated. And it smells great. Since the new year, I have taken a bath everyday (I am lucky to have such a great bath). I kind of experiment with different stuff I throw in there, its pretty fun. I do the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Bentonite Clay mask with apple cider vinegar once month. I spend a ton of time in my bathrobe, in my mind that helps. I wash my hair probably once a week and deep condition with coconut oil once a month.
I hate shopping. I follow Fox and Fawn and have bought a bunch of stuff from them on Instagram. I needed a new winter coat so I looked at a few online and found one at Reformation. I went in and didn’t see it, but saw something I liked, tried it on and was out of there within 5 minutes. I would love for someone to just shop for me, I have kind of given up on clothes.

Top, Cotton Candy ; Jeans, Levi's

I like super simple stuff. I am really tall so pants are hard, I have found a few ebay gems. I think as long as you are wearing somewhat nice shoes or glasses you can get away with a lot.
 Dress, Studio Ease

Dress, Studio Ease



I am really into quiet these days. I meet my best friend at Trophy Bar after work a good bit. They have a great burger, BLT & grilled cheese.

I like Oslo and Othas for coffee. 

Moto is great for brunch and it is never packed.  I recently went back to Shinobe Ramen and I haven't stopped thinking about it. I love Snacky for when I am super hungry and want a little bit of everything & La Superior garlic shrimp tacos.  


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