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Born and raised in Southern California/ Portland, Oregon. Ly moved here about 12 years ago and considers herself a New Yorker. Influenced by the works of Bruno Munari, Hans Bellmer, Max Ernst, and Morrissey of the Smiths, her interest lies in creating her own visual and perceptual language. Enjoying the tactility of things done by hand, she likes bookmaking, printmaking/collaging, sewing, drawing, reading, and the modern arts. Ly is an Editorial Art Director at Refinery29, but also just a Creative Maker and a Mom.

Streetstyle details: Top, Vintage ; Pants, Zara ; Jacket, Acne ; Shoes, Zara ; Bag, Building Block ; Beanie, Army Surplus Store ; Glasses, Han Kjobenhavn

Dress, Vintage

My AM makeup routine is my morning meditation for myself. It’s how I get into “Ly” by washing my face, applying my plethora of toners and moisturizers, then applying my heavy black eyeliner. I then follow it up with Sunday Riley Primer, Makeup Forever Foundation, and Cle De Peau Concealer for my freckles and sun spots. I powder and then I mascara and apply the smallest amount of under eyeliner with Mac Charcoal Pencil.
My morning routine usually consists of waking up to the baby at 7 am, I nurse her and we sort of lay about her room for a little, slowly waking up. I then change her and pass her onto her papa, so I can get ready.
From makeup I go to hair, starting with a thermal protectant, a mild blow dry and then I curl and use the tiniest spritz of hairspray for my bangs. It sounds like an intense routine but over the years I’ve gotten it down to a science and once I had the baby I’ve been able to get it down to 45 min tops from start to finish (including dressing under 10 mins.)

Dress, Reformation

I want to raise my daughter to be a strong and empowered individual. I come from immigrant Vietnamese parents as well as being first generation American, I have grown up of two minds of my place in the world, being both a woman and a minority. However I see young women these days becoming much more empowered than in my mother’s day. With the onset of social media and emergence of strong feminist female models, I think my daughter has a better future and much better opportunity. As my father says, it’s good I had a girl, cause it’s a women’s world now!

I got into art when I was a little kid, my parents used to put me into a lot of art classes cause it was a free baby sitter to them. It then carried to full force in high school and helped me cope with my emotional problems throughout high school and college, until I up and moved to NY to pursue Art full time at Pratt. I used to be in post production motion graphics at this tiny studio called Lifelong Friendship Society, it was my first job out of art school and I stayed with them until they shut their doors for like 6.5 years. I then went full time freelance, working non stop - formed my own LLC, Please Keep Me In Mind after a Moz song “Well I Wonder” and ended up freelancing at Refinery. Once their AD parted ways, they asked me to stay on and join full time and I accepted! We were much smaller back then and I’ve grown a lot with the company.

Ly's favorite books

Nick Cave’s Sick Bag Song is on top and my most favorite of recent. It came to me at a funny time in my life, just after I had Lola and was sort of craving my weird introversion and self indulgent emo feelings and it hit the spot. I got to steal some time away by myself (which was really hard to do in the beginning) to see him give a Q&A about the book and read a few excerpts - the man is just brilliant. It makes me sad thinking about it now, cause one of his sons recently passed away.

Top, Vintage ; Pants, Zara

I don’t know what I would consider my aesthetic, I usually say Goth because it’s easy and I only wear black usually. I from time to time will wear vintage florals cause I like old lady dresses, but black is an easy go to which is how I get dressed in under 10. I shop usually at Acne (when I can afford) & Zara (when I can’t.)

Ly's favorite beauty products

For eye makeup, its all about the brush for the perfect cat eye. I’ve been using the same brush I made years ago, its like the tiniest thinnest brush. I also think for a solid red lip, lip liner is key to getting the perfect shape, and I like to Kylie Jenner a little and go over the lip lines a little so that its slightly fuller than normal!

Ly's favorite hair products

In my older age, I’ve become more set in my ways with products and I stick with what I know. From time to time I will test things out cause Refinery has epic beauty sales which the proceeds go to charity. But I have been using Almay black eyeliner for almost 10 years now. Same with the foundation for 8 years, and Primer for 6. I’m a creature of habit! I recently had this crazy eye thing and thought it was my overuse of eyeliner, so I tried switching to a vegan brand, and nope couldn’t hack it... went right back to Almay. Thank god it wasn’t the eyeliner!



I also am obsessed with Pie from Petee's Pies, and recently got into Pastrami Sandwiches from Harry & Ida's


Eating is my favorite pass time, so I'm always at Joe Shanghai'sDim Sum Go GoTakahachi, & Bacaro too!

I'm always at Dimes - its great for 8.30 am breakkie dates with Gfs & Lola!



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