Meet Whitney Fierce


Whitney Fierce has been many things: a college dropout and a graduate, a model, a magazine editor, a fashion entrepreneur, a cultural curator, a publicist, and a photographer. She's studied Swahili in Zanzibar, backpacked through nine countries, lived overseas and in places around the US, and has performed at some of the world's most massive festivals, venues, and events. After cutting her disc jockey teeth in the basements and on the runways of NYC, Whitney Fierce joined Hercules and Love Affair, and since has joined New Order as their tour DJ. She has toured the globe playing mega clubs in Ibiza and Berlin, for Dior in Paris, the mayor in Los Angeles, and publications like Nylon and Vogue. On the decks and in the studio, Fierce blends her background of classical musicianship with a powerful flair for the eccentric, bearing sexy bangers pumped-full with catharsis and a stylish humor that basks in the dance-floor madness. Recently releasing two EPs, and with more in store, she is quickly accumulating critical acclaim. She is very proud to play non-shitty tunes, and is still stoked about not being universally hated. Also, important people say she's cool (and that's the point at which you should start questioning the hype.)



STREETSTYLE DETAILS: Dress, OK Mike IncShoes, Calvin Klein ; Bag, Vintage Coach

// Photography by Claire Donoghue 


I don’t shop particularly often, but when I do, I really like COS. I like local designers or something a bit unique. I only wear all black or all white. Aesthetically, I go for super drapey or mega structured, and juxtaposing the two.
I usually make breakfast tacos. My recent favorite have be shaved brussels sprouts, eggs, salsa verde, and sometimes I get wild with some avocado. Then I hop in the bath. After that, every day is different.
I first started DJing in NYC after leaving the fashion industry. It was supposed to be a little change of pace for a bit, and I absolutely fell in love. It was a couple weeks in that I knew that it wouldn’t be just a hobby.
 Whitney's favorite records; listen to  Go Down Moses

Whitney's favorite records; listen to Go Down Moses

The record in the black sleeve is Kelly G. feat. Sharon Pass - Go Down Moses. It’s a gospel house record from 1998 and is amaaaazing. The art that faith produces is incredible, and a huge interest of mine. Also it’s just a general banger, and feels so good.
I really love working with people in the studio, but I don’t know if I’ve ever thought about a dream collab. Working with Kirk Franklin would be AMAZING though.
Plato’s Symposium is one of my favorite books ever. Aristophanes’s Speech is one of the most important things I’ve ever read, and sometimes I think of it in a nearly religious sense. I would suggest putting it in your brain piece.
Working in a male-dominated industry is a lot like living, haha. There are both advantages and disadvantages. Basically what I’ve found is that you just have to do your absolute best, put in time and effort, and prove your work beyond gender.
 Whitney's favorite liquor in her cabinet is  R. Jelinek Fernet

Whitney's favorite liquor in her cabinet is R. Jelinek Fernet

 Whitney's favorite beauty products

Whitney's favorite beauty products

My beauty routine is one of the only normal routines I have. Wash, tone, moisturize. I like simple products. I try not to slather my body in chemicals. Also I don’t think I could live without my Sonicare.
Always shine from the inside out. Take care of your mind, body, and spirit. Also MOISTURIZE. MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE.




✓ The best brunch is Sqirl - it's hip AF and also delicious AF

Alchemist Coffee Project is bomb

✓ The Monte Carlo is dive bar levels like you wouldn't believe

✓ And I loooove Early California Antiques