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A web designer and digital entrepreneur at heart, Puno is the Founder of ilovecreatives, a platform connecting creatives working that slashie life. She also created, an Instagram marketing tool where you can strategically build an organic community. You can find her vlogging on YouTube, in DTLA on the hunt for the city’s best food, or exploring incredible locations with Madewithmap —a trusted community of travel influencers.



STREETSTYLE DETAILS: top, Cocodune ; pants, vintage seafarer ; sunglasses, phillip lim ; SHOES ZARA



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I went to Europe for two months and lived off of a week’s worth of clothes. When I got back home, I gave away all of my clothes that were packed up. Now I have a set of about 100 hangers. Instead of buying more hangers, I just go through what I haven’t worn and give it away. With that being said, I don’t shop a lot. Heh. Although, I am an impulse buyer! If I see something I like, I usually just purchase it. I love buying from friends or local shops. Anything with a story behind it. My aesthetic is pants and color. I’m realllly into wearing all the same color right now. Usually you’ll see me sporting a baseball cap, but that’s because I’m too lazy to do my hair.
I just adopted a kitty so my mornings have drastically changed to cat-butt-in-face at about 5AM. She’ll then proceed to knead my neck until about 7AM when I get up to feed her. I’ve always wanted to be a morning person, so there it is! Jerry Seinfeld says he splashes his face with water about 3 times in the morning to wake up. I’m into it. Fortunately, we have a gym at our place. Before I get sucked into emails, I’ll put on the gym clothes, grab my beats (wireless!), and head to the treadmill. 15% incline and 3mph for about 30 minutes, gets me through my emails and works up a sweat. If I’m feeling ambitious, I’ll do some Nike Training Club or Tracy Anderson mat workouts for another 30 minutes. When I don’t have morning meetings, I love taking my time to get ready. Thanks to YouTube, I’ve started experimenting with more make-up. I’m no YouTube beauty vlogger, but I’m trying out different eye shadows finally!

Jumper, LACAUSA ; Turtleneck, Weekday ; Rings, J. Hannah

Discovering Korean Cuisine is the BEST Korean cookbook ever. It takes all the best restaurants in LA and shares their recipes. Korean food is so incredibly simple to make and it’s super healthy. The hwe dup bap (sashimi rice bowl) recipe from A-Won is killer. Cat & Gnome is a book by my favorite picture book writer, Graham Roumieu. He’s hilarious. You are a Message is a book by my good friend Guillaume Wolf. I always have a copy of this and You are a Circle lying around the house. It’s a little bit of inspo, but also feels like having a convo with a creative professor (that’s what he is).

Puno's favorite books

Puno's favorite books

I’ve ALWAYS wanted to take a UCB class, but haven’t made the time. They decided to publish the manual that they use in the classes and naturally, I got it. Dissecting comedy and playing games is a hobby of mine. When I’m bored in the car, Daniel and I will do some of the exercises in the book.
I used to be an Art Director at an Ad Agency and we were constantly sent photographer books. I loved looking through them! When I quit my job, I reached out to a photographer I followed a lot (hi Sisilia Piring!) and asked if she would mentor me. We ended up becoming super good friends. She’s always working on her craft and that’s super inspiring. Even though I love photography, it’s not a career path for me. It’s more of a skill that I want to use for my business(es).
 Puno's favorite tools

Puno's favorite tools

 Top, Frank and Oak ; Pants, Lisa Says Gah ; Shoes, Vintage

Top, Frank and Oak ; Pants, Lisa Says Gah ; Shoes, Vintage

Canon MKII, Speed Light Flash, Lightroom and VSCO filters. I really hate carrying around the MKII now. It’s SO heavy. I’ve been just using my iPhone 7 Plus and a Canon G7X for vlogging. I’m super clumsy and drop my phone all the time so I finally got a super durable case. Best tip is to shoot a lot. When I got my camera, I was shooting almost everyday in manual mode. Have a photographer friend explain to you Aperture vs. ISO vs. Shutter speed. Experiment with just one mode until you get why it exists, ha! Then just practice shooting. Shoot things you get excited about and you’ll keep doing it.
If I’m doing a shoot for myself, it’s super quick. Pick a spot, fiddle with settings, then go for it. I like to shoot as fast as possible. The magic usually happens in Lightroom. I’ve got a ton of settings based on previous projects so I usually go through those libraries first and then tweak.
Ever since I quit my job, I started meeting a whole bunch of freelancers, designers, and small business owners... creative folk! More and more of our generation are quitting their 9 to 5s and just doing their own thing. Although rewarding, it’s tough cookies! Most of the problems came down to not being able to access a more curated network with their needs. Whether it was an event you were hosting, a service you offer, or if you were looking for an intern. I wanted to build a curated craigslist. One weekend, Eva Goicochea and I built a website and newsletter. Two years later and a ton of outreach, it grew into a legit business. My favorite thing about my job is I get to execute on ideas I have. I love brainstorming ideas, but I get super fulfilled when I execute on an idea and then see how people interact with it.
I’m not really into powders. Creams, gels, liquids! My blush is a cream, my highlighter is a cream, my eyeliner is a gel. My skin looks better with a bit of glow.
Cat eye tip! I love Eye Ko’s Eye Do liner. Come on, Alexa Chung helped make it. The only issue is that it’s not waterproof so I usually start with Eye Ko, qtip the mistakes, add eye shadow, the go over with Tarte’s Clay Paint Eye Liner.

Puno's favorite perfume

Every night, I massage my face with DHC Deep Cleansing Oil. Thank you Lisa Eldridge! After, I wash my face one more time with Glossier Milk Jelly Cleanser. If I’m feeling icky, I’ll put on the Kiehl’s Cilantro & Orange Mask. The next day, my face feels incredibly soft and hydrated.

Puno's favorite beauty

My advice to people trying to make it as a creative: Do the Math. More specifically, sit down and work out how much do you need to make and how many hours you can dedicate. One of the biggest issues with freelancing or starting your own business is getting burnt out. To grow any business or get good at any skill, you’re looking at 2-3 years minimum. Be the best boss you’ve ever wanted and make sure your employee (you) will be happy for the next few years. Check-in every month and ask how things are going. What can you change to be happier and more fulfilled?

Top, Cocodune ; Pants Vintage

The idea for Peoplemap came about out of necessity! We were super aggressive when growing @Madewithmap on Instagram. I needed a faster way to find and grow our community. A lot of the manual processes involved mining people’s following to find like-minded people. I had so many screenshots of people’s instagram accounts on my phone. So many. Then I moved to spreadsheets, but that took forever to input. Fortunately, my husband is a programmer, and he built PeopleMap to help me scale my efforts. About a year later, I was talking to my friend, Chelsea Matthews, who owns Matte Black and she was like, “Yo, can I use this?” That’s when we decided to pivot.







✓ Ledlow for brunch.

✓ Mega Bodega for beer.

✓ Formerly Yes to shop.

✓ Woodspoon for dinner.

✓ Yangban Sul Lung Tang for soup. I love soup.