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Mariana Orkenyi is a creative consultant based in Los Angeles. She was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, and has lived in Mexico City and Barcelona, where she received her Masters in Arts and Cultural Management. She founded Communal in 2013 as a way to integrate her skills as Creative Consultant and Arts and Cultural Producer with her mindfully aware point of view. Her international experience working with global companies such as Nike, Accor Hotels, and Rojo Projects, as well as non profit organizations and museums. Mariana's work ranges from overseeing public programs, managing galleries and producing art and cultural projects around the USA, Brazil, Europe and Mexico. 



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I’ve been a dancer since I was little (right now I’m on a hiatus which will probably be over very soon, hopefully.) Dance was my first contact with the arts and my creative outlet. Years later living abroad I was able to look into a variety of different creative fields with more curiosity: photography, film, music, visual arts...this is when I began researching for my Masters and I knew I wanted to work closely with this community. After 10 years of working on various projects, I developed a good “eye” together with my experience in marketing, project management and production, giving me the opportunity to work with a wide range of clients helping them figure out their projects, developing concepts, bringing ideas to life and executing them.
We have a 10 month old baby girl, Gala, so the morning routine is not as “relaxing” as it used to be, but it definitely has a lot more laughter than before. After we snuggle in bed with her for a little bit, we prepare a big breakfast and while my husband watches her, I have time to do my morning meditation and get ready for the day. If I’m good on time I’ll go for a walk or exercise, all this happens before 8:30am.
I’ve been into neutrals and have had a pretty basic style since I can remember. My mom used to always try to get me into colorful stuff, but I’d always end up with with minimal things and this aesthetic just got stronger with time. Currently, I just want to wear comfortable clothing that I can easily move around in with an almost-walking baby and still feel like myself, while not necessarily having to be in leggings or gym clothes everyday. For basics I shop at Everlane, Zara, JCrew. Also, I love to shop at Individual Medley, all the clothing lines they carry are so beautiful!
Communal was born with the intention to create a gathering space for an inspiring community. I was hungry to meet with the creative folks in LA, learn different ideas, share information and plan intimate and special gatherings for people to connect. We hosted workshops, dinners, seminars, meditations, photoshoots and screenings. It was so wonderful, I met so many amazing people. Once I got pregnant, I knew I had to restructure the business because hosting and planning events 7 days a week was going to be extremely challenging knowing that I wanted to dedicate a great amount of my time being with my baby for at least the first year. So, I then decided to solely focus on business development and creative consulting. We support the individual, the entrepreneur and the small business - from concept to launch we provide strategic planning with an intuitive approach.

Mariana's favorite books

I absolutely love to read. After I had Gala, it got a bit challenging but I still try to make time before I go to sleep. I’m currently devouring Elena Ferrante novels, who is a pseudonymous Italian novelist whose true identity is not publicly known. We also love coffee table art books, I switch them around the house thought out the year.

Mariana's favorite hair products

I moved to LA around 5 years ago, and like everyone told me, it took me about 2 years to adjust. So, I was learning my way around, finding my community, and soaking up the Californian lifestyle. Prior to that I was living in São Paulo, being the head of public programs and events at the Brazilian House Museum. And before that, living in Mexico City and Barcelona where I received my masters in arts and cultural management and met my husband, LA based artist Tofer Chin.
I’ve been privileged to work with all different kinds of creative people, but honestly I’m most inspired by working with women, such as chefs, herbalists, doulas, stylists and writers whom I learn so much from and their craft. I’ve really enjoyed collaborating with Aesop, Everlane, Loom, Free+Native, Ashley Neese, Nike, Stumptown Coffee, Modern Macrame, etc. And since I have a background working so close to artists, I do oversee a lot of my husband’s art studio projects and it’s turned out to be really fun working together. I’m always in awe of him and his relationship to his work.

Mariana's favorite beauty products

Mariana's favorite beauty products

I wish my beauty routine was more consistent, like taking off my make up (which I really don’t use often) but in a perfect world, in the morning I wash my face, apply water thermal spray (the water in LA is really harsh) and sunscreen, then I apply some concealer, boy brow, mascara and bronzer or blush. At night, I wash my face again put some eye cream on and serum! I do an in house spa morning every now and then, with a face mask, dry brushing, exfoliation and hair mask (oh, Davines for the hair - lifesaver!) Since moving to LA, I discovered the Korean spa and wow! I like to go by myself and the whole experience makes me a much happier rejuvenated person but if that is hard to conciliate with time, I have to say nothing beats a dip in the ocean, I think that’s when I feel the best! Also dry brushing my body before shower is something that I’ve been doing for a long time that works really well. I love to apply the thermal water spray on my face a few times a day.
My international background has impacted my work in different ways. One being the frenetic rhythm in São Paulo, which definitely influenced my work dynamic. On the other hand, in Spain, the summertime off and the siestas gave me great balance to work. I feel that people there are so content with the simple life, it really stuck with me this sense of a very grounding and less anxious lifestyle. Mexico and Brazil gave me faith, spirituality and humbleness were I studied close to dear teachers, masters, attended retreats and learned a lot about self development and life philosophy.

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✓ Dim sum - Elite Restaurant

✓ Coffee - Civil Coffee 

✓ Brunch- Elysian 

✓ Best Tacos - Tere's Mexican Grill

✓ Happy hour- Salazar

✓ Drinks - Cafe Stella

✓ Croissant - Proof Bakery

✓ Store - Individual Medley

✓ Food - Petit Trois / Trois Familia / Dinette / Baroo

✓ Sushi - Sushi Yuzu

✓ Pizza - Desano