Meet Jessica Comingore

Jessica Comingore

Graphic Designer, founder of The Elysian Edit, Highland Park

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jessica Comingore received her degree in interior design and decorative arts from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Upon graduating, she began her career in the world of architecture and interiors, and has since turned her focus to graphic design. Having retained the skills acquired from her previous work experience, Jessica keeps the concept of home close as an inspirational force behind each project she takes on. Acknowledging herself a listener first and foremost, Jessica is forever compelled by a desire to understand each of her client’s unique stories, and enjoys nothing more than equipping them with the tools needed to authentically bring their brand to life. In addition to running her design studio, Jessica authors The Elysian Edit, a design, culture and lifestyle website built on the idea that modest, intentional design can help enrich our lives and elevate our day-to-day.



STREETSTYLE DETAILS: Top, WilfredSweater, Wilfred Freetote, Baggu ; Cuff, Studebaker ; Sunglasses, Ray-BanRing, Kathleen Whitaker ; Shoes, Madewell 


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In an ideal world, I wake up between 6-6:30am, meditate, make some ginger-turmeric tea, and head out for a long walk or jog around my neighborhood. Then I’ll shower, make breakfast, and hunker down to work at 9am. I feel a noticeable difference when I’m able to start my day outdoors (as opposed to jumping straight from bed to the computer), but some days that’s necessary too!
I’ve struggled with shopping in recent years after narrowing in on what I like and trying my best to avoid the fast fashion route. Sometimes it feels impossible to find simple, affordable, and well-fitting clothes (at least for short, curvy ladies). I end up buying a lot of vintage pieces from thrift stores around LA and having them tailored. Outside of that, some of my go-to’s are Everlane, Steven Alan, and Elizabeth Suzann. If I had to sum up my aesthetic in a few words, it would be refined, modest, and classic.
I live with my boyfriend, and it’s important for me to create a space that isn’t just a reflection of my own taste, but comfortable for both of us to live in. In that sense, I think function is just as important as aesthetics. I definitely tend to gravitate towards a muted palette, natural materials, and a mix of old a new. Similar to fashion, I think balance is key, and I also thrift the majority of our home furnishings. Some of the items I’ve had with me since I moved out on my own ten years ago, and some of them are more recent acquisitions. But for every new item I bring in, I always donate something from what I have. I’m big on avoiding clutter, less for aesthetic reasons and more for mental health reasons. Waking up in a space that is calming and clean can really set the tone for your day.
Jessica's favorite records

Jessica's favorite records

Cuff, M. Grace

Cuff, M. Grace

Kurt Vile has to be one of my top three favorite (living) musicians and there is something about Smoke Ring For My Halo that I never tire of. It’s just so timeless. The drop into the first track, Baby’s Arms, is particularly magical. I don’t think much about what my wedding day will look like, but I know that track will be played.
I began blogging back in 2007, and The Elysian Edit is essentially a modern version of the blog that began nearly a decade ago. After authoring it under my name for many years, it became clear to me in late 2015 that it needed to be its own entity, outside of the work I do in my design studio. It’s definitely my passion project and an avenue for creative expression beyond client work. I don’t keep myself on a strict schedule with it, but rather explore topics as they pique my interest. I think it’s that organic pace that keeps it from feeling like another job or obligation. As for the studio, it’s my main focus and what keeps me on a strict Monday through Friday schedule. Though my background is in interior design, I’ve spent most of my adult life behind a computer screen and really feel most comfortable there. My segue into graphic design was (and continues to be) a self-taught journey, but my time in interiors informed my aesthetic in a huge way and still influences the work I do. It can definitely feel like a lot to manage sometimes, but I am organized to a fault and keep on top of everything with strict timelines, schedules, to-do lists, and a project management system. Having an intern helps too!
Jessica's favorite books

Jessica's favorite books

Junot Diaz is an incredible author, and The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao was my first introduction to his writing. While simultaneously being funny and tragic, this book opens your eyes to the complicated history of the Dominican Republic, and the struggles of coming of age as a first generation Dominican-American. Highly recommend!
Candle, Maison Louis Marie in No. 4 Bois de Balincourt

Candle, Maison Louis Marie in No. 4 Bois de Balincourt

Some of Jessica's favorite beauty products

Some of Jessica's favorite beauty products

My beauty routine is pretty basic and doesn’t vary too much day-to-day, but there are definitely a handful of products I swear by (mostly Kiehl’s). I have a nightly regimen that helps me wake up feeling refreshed, and includes a facial cleanser, toner, nighttime oil, face cream, and eye cream (in that order). I try to avoid putting on makeup on days that I’ll be working from home, just to give my skin some breathing time. But all in all, I look for products that only use naturally-derived ingredients.
I’ve always loved hearing people’s stories and creating a genuine dialogue around creativity, and while I didn’t know it at the time, starting a blog back in 2007 really paved the path for owning my own business and pursuing the work I do today. As my studio started to grow, I realized it didn’t make sense to author a blog under my own name anymore, and that it really needed to be its own entity that wasn’t reliant on just me. In doing so, the site has attracted contributors from all over the globe who have been generous enough to lend their talents. Some of these people I’ve known from existing in this online network for so many years, but others have been wonderful new connections. I feel really lucky that the website has resonated with so many people, and that it stands out among the digital clutter in the way I intended it to.





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