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Originally from Korea, Angie grew up in the LA county and went to UC San Diego to major in Communications. Right after graduation, she moved up to San Francisco and lived there for 7 years. In San Francisco, Angie met her husband and started a side project called Poketo and eventually moved down to Los Angeles. Before Poketo, Angie went to school for a second degree in Graphic Design. That is when she got the itch to make something functional that everyone would need with them everywhere they went. After a party to release the first line of a Poketo product, a wallet with a friends' artwork on it, they completely sold out the first night. The rest is history. Now, Angie and her husband have two brick and mortar shops in the hottest areas of Los Angeles. The flagship and HQ is located in the Arts District and another small outpost inside the lobby of the Line Hotel. Angie is currently the Creative Director at Poketo and oversees all curation, the look and feel of the site and store, and is in charge of artist collaborations. 



STREETSTYLE DETAILS: Dress, Ace and Jig ; shoes, Birkenstocks 


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Chair, Vintage ; Table, Eric Trine

I hardly ever go shopping. When I need something to wear, I get it from my own shop, Poketo. I think and breathe design and color for living. Poketo’s aesthetic is all about colors that are bright and happy. My aesthetic in my personal life is really minimal. Our house is pretty much white with pops of colors and I wear a lot of white and black or the combination of two colors. I also don’t own much. When you’re surrounded by design all day long, the last thing you want to do is surround yourself with more colors and products when you come home.
My morning routine is: Get up. Make coffee. Drink Coffee. Check email. Jump in the shower. Get dressed. Eat breakfast. Put some stuff on face. Walk the dogs and out the door.

Dress, Ace and Jig

Angie's favorite books ; Table, Eric Trine

Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro is a book that I picked up at the Copenhagen airport because I had just finished my other book that I brought during our travels. I’m not done with it yet but it’s already very emotional and heartbreaking. It’s about an older couple who started on a journey to look for their son. They come from a village where memories fade away so quickly that they don’t even remember what happened to their son and where they are. It’s about memory, loss of memory and what’s real and what’s made up. It’s an interesting read.
Poketo began with one single product, the artist wallets back in 2003. We had an art show and as part of the show, we made something that everyone could afford but with art on it. Our friends artwork made into a form of wallet. The wallets completely sold out the night of the art show and we had so much fun and we kept making more with more artists, and got onto making apparel, housewares, and stationery and here we are. Our early days we worked with bands like, Postal Service, The Shins, Weezer, and Arcade Fire. We got together some artists and we designed the wallets that were sold at the bands’ concerts. It was so much fun and the bands themselves were totally stoked on the wallets.

Dress, Ace and Jig

I’m pretty lazy. I don’t get my nails done and my hair is usually in a pony tail. I guess the one thing I do religiously is putting on sunblock even on a rainy day. The Sun in Souther California is really strong. You need to wear sunblock even when it’s cloudy.
My beauty routine is pretty simple. I just use what my mom buys for me. I use mostly all Korean products. Since I’m Korean, I feel like it matches my skin better. In the morning, I just wash my face once. At night, I wash my face using two different products. First with oil cleanser that takes off all my make up, and then with regular face wash. At morning and at night I use toner, lotion, and serum with sunblock, and I use Perfecting Cushion. It’s like a sunblock and light foundation in one but it’s really light and I don’t feel like I’m wearing makeup. And then I put on eyeliner and mascara.

Angie's favorite beauty products


Dress, Ace and Jig






Civil Coffee is a new coffee shop and they serve really good coffee with some brunch options

✓ Huarache Azteca in Highland Park is the best Mexican restaurant in this area

✓ For shopping, Poketo Flagship in the Arts District, of course haha