Social Media & Digital Marketing Manager for Magnolia Bakery. Greenpoint. 


Moved to New York in 2009 from Atlanta to pursue fashion. Her career started when she interned for Anna Sui and Vogue. She then worked for a jewelry designer at Bergdorf and later became brand/wholesale manager at Verameat Jewelry for a few years. Lexi is currently the Social Media and Digital Marketing manager for Magnolia Bakery internationally. She is surrounded by food and dessert. 


Top & Jeans Madewell ; Shoes, Won Hundred ; Bag, Alexander Wang ; Sunglasses, Alter

Top, Alexander Wang

Top, Alexander Wang

I shop all over, but whenever I’m really going shopping I always end up at Alexander Wang. I love Sandro a lot and OAK. Recently Madewell has made a nice appearance in my life. They have really good basics. I wear lots of solids, black mostly and I love mixing in band tee’s too. If I won the lottery I would probably only shop at Acne.

Sphere Ice Molds

I got those ice spheres from bed bath and beyond. My favorite cocktail is usually a Manhattan, but right now a dirty vodka martini with Titos.
I press snooze on my alarm like 3 times, put on eyeliner, run around trying to figure out what the temperature is outside, decide whether I need a jacket or not, decide if socks are too much, boil two eggs, drink like 3 glasses of water. Then perfume and usually head to one of the trains.

Top, Alexander Wang ; Pants, Rag & Bone ; Shoes, Miista

I like to invest in pieces that are going to last and spice up my basics for at least a few seasons. I think the biggest splurge I ever made was on a Rag and Bone leather jacket 3 or 4 years ago. I wear that thing more than anything else and I get the most compliments on it.

Top, Italia ; Skirt, Sandro

Lexi's favorite beauty products

I have basically been doing the same thing since I was little. My mom always used Cetaphil and I still use that today. But you have to use the one for sensitive skin, the other one is too intense and stings your eyes. I have added on some serums and oils too to try to keep my skin looking fresh. I moisturize my face both AM and PM. I love Algeanist products.

Top, Machus ; Jeans, Madewell

I try to drink a ton of water and do a mask at least once a week or so. Also the tooth routine is important: I brush my teeth at least 3 times a day and recently started oil pulling with coconut oil, which I swear has already made my teeth whiter.

Top, Alexander Wang ; Pants, Rag & Bone ; Shoes, Miista

Bomber, Topshop ; Lipstick, Estee Lauder "Impassioned"

PR just kind of happened. I worked for a lot of smaller companies and I just learned the ins and outs. I like taking photos and developing brands and people, so I guess it all kind of works together.

Bomber, Topshop

Top, Machus ; Jeans, Madewell

Jacket, Zara ; Top, Misfits ; Jeans, Madewell

Music has just always been there for me. Certain music can immediately put me in a happy mood. My parents introduced me to some amazing music. My mom would always play songs in the den of our house and we would have dance parties. I remember this one family trip we took to Florida, I was in 7th or 8th grade, and the entire time I listened to Dude Ranch and Cheshire Cat on my discman, I felt like I had figured out life haha.
Blanket, BelovedShirts

Blanket, BelovedShirts

Lexi's favorite records clockwise from left: Jeff The Brotherhood 'Heavy Days' ; The Beatles 'Abbey Road' ; Dr. Dre 'The Chronic' ; The Beach Boys 'Pet Sounds' ; T.Rex 'The Slider' ; Perfume Genius 'Too Bright'.

That Jeff the brotherhood record really reminds me of when I first moved to New York. I lived in this apartment with 4 girls and that record takes me back to a lot of crowded nights at DBA or Glasslands seeing them play. I like bands heavy on the guitar. I’ve been listening to the Perfume Genius record a lot lately. It’s the perfect mix of a lot of emotions. I like artists who don’t have to have all of their songs packed with a ton of lyrics and can get the point across with cool sounds.

Lexi playing Unknown Mortal Orchestra record 'Multi-Love'

Top, Alter ; Necklace, Verameat

Top, Machus ; Jeans, Madewell

Growing up I went to tons of shows with my best friend Kiki (at first my aunt or dad would chaperone us as we were 12 years old when this started). We were always getting in trouble there or pretending to be 25, but we had braces and spike belts on. I don’t think anyone thought we were cool. But those were good times. I still try to see as much music in New York as possible. My fiancé is a music producer and plays in a band which is really nice and inspiring to be surrounded by the new music he is working on or going to see him play a show.

Top, Italia ; Skirt, Sandro

Lexi's Stuff For Sale

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Lexi's Wishlist

Lexi Recommends

I love River Styx for cheeseburgers and nachos, sushi in HibinoPaulie Gee's for pizza, Glasserie for brunch (My favorite thing to get is their mezze feast where they bring you 15 small plates of the best food with grilled bread). 

OAK and Alter are my favorite stores in Greenpoint. I like going to movies at Nitehawk Cinema. Baby's All Right for shows. Primp and Polish in Greenpoint for Nails. 


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