Set Designer. Williamsburg.

Half Persian, half English, Lauren began art school in Manchester then went to RADA to do Set Design. From there she went to work on This is England 86 and then quickly moved to NY concentrating on music videos and fashion. Lauren has done music videos with artists such as The Weeknd, NAS, Eminem & Janet Jackson. Her commercial work has been with campaigns for Beats By Dre, along with editorial for such as Dazed and Confused, W Magazine and Vogue. Her latest film work has been working alongside Matthew Barney on his River of Fundament and Marina Abramovic.


Top, Vintage ; Pants, Phillip Lim ; Shoes, Opening Ceremony ; Bag, Alexander Wang ; Sunglasses, Céline

Bra, What Katie Did ; Top, Moschino ; Pants, Marithe et Francois Girbaud

I went to art school for 7 years! I always knew I wanted to work in film in some capacity and art has always been my main focus. I came to do an internship in NY when was I was 17 at a production company...on my lunch break I found a book in the film section of Barnes and Noble on production design, and knew that it was exactly what I wanted to do!
My morning routine, more often than not, consists of an early call time - usually a shower and espresso then out the door!

Outfit, Jean Paul Gaultier

RADA was a pretty great experience that I appreciate more in hindsight probably. It’s run in the same way as three rep theatres. We worked so, so hard 6 days a week from 10-10, I had some pretty fantastic teachers.
  Top, Alexander Wang ; Overalls, American Apparel

Top, Alexander Wang ; Overalls, American Apparel

I like opening ceremony, they have a good mix of new and cool designers. I’ve always worn a lot of vintage - in New York I especially love Procell and Narnia. In LA I like Tried and True for good vintage streetwear.

Lauren's favorite makeup

Lauren's favorite fragrances 

Im a huge fan of anything Comme Des Garcons. I like their unisex scents, things quite earthy - I don’t like anything that smells girly.

Dress, T by Alexander Wang ; Shoes, Vagabond

Lauren's favorite books

I’m constantly buying art books as reference...Ukraine Youth is by one of my good friends Daniel King. I find his work super inspiring as he manages to capture elements of reality really beautifully. I think that translates into set and my work so importantly, especially creating a sense of realism thats not too contrived. Sometimes with music videos and editorial its just about finding that one cool prop, like the dead frozen octopus I got from the fish market in chinatown-that inspiration came from my Araki Teller book for sure!

Lauren's favorite books

Lucky Kunst is one of my favorites because it’s about English Artists coming up through Art school to who they are now - Chapman Brothers, Tracey Emin. Would probably make me feel a little homesick if I read it again now - but not enough to move back quite yet!
 Top, Alexander Wang ; Overalls, American Apparel

Top, Alexander Wang ; Overalls, American Apparel

It’s always pretty amazing working with artists that you’ve grown up watching or listening to, having to research their aesthetic to get their set creatively spot on. Janet Jackson was a big deal for me. You never do the same thing twice, I’m constantly finding new sources - whether it be a secondhand sex swing for an ASAP Mob vid in a trap house in ATL, or a baby alligator for a stripclub in a Weeknd video.

Lauren's favorite skincare

I travel a lot so my beauty routine is relatively basic- anything dermologica or most brands from Wholefoods.

Lauren's favorite haircare

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Lauren's Wishlist

Lauren Recommends

For coffee: Irving Farm Coffee Roasters, for bars: Beverly's & for juice: Football Cafe

For shopping, Procell & Opening Ceremony


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