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Born and raised in Miami by her loud and crazy passionate Cuban family. Kelsey moved to New York when she was 18 to attend New York University—where she recently graduated with a dual degree in Journalism and Gender and Sexuality Studies. She mainly writes about fashion, beauty and pop culture and has already interned at ElleHarper’s Bazaar, and Refinery29


Top, Zara ; Pants, ASOS ; Shoes, Adidas ; Bag, H&M ; Bracelet, RILA

Dress, Urban Outfitters

I would describe my style as “sporty spice.” I like athletic trends but I’m also very feminine and like to wear lots of florals, lace, and gold jewelry. I generally wear a lot of black and white but then I randomly have a bunch of pastel pink and blue items of clothing.
I start my day by checking my phone. I usually wake up to a text from my boyfriend because he wakes up a bit earlier than me, and then I’ll scan Twitter and Instagram and see what’s going on the Internet. Once I get out of bed, I immediately drink a ton of water, take vitamins, put on moisturizer, spritz my face, and just try and get into a good mood for the day.

Dress, Urban Outfitters

I do a lot of my shopping online because I just feel like I’m able to have more options that way. I like Zara, ASOS, Reformation, and Topshop. Then I also have a lot of basics from American Apparel and Uniqlo.

Kelsey's favorite makeup products

I use Glossier’s skin tint and I apply it with a big Tarte brush so that it just spreads evenly. I have pretty dark under eye circles, but I’ve found Benefit’s fake up concealer to work well because it doesn’t get all dry.

 Anastasia eyebrow grooming brush

Dress, Reformation

For my eyes, I always use Stila liquid liner and just try to draw it really closely to my lash line. I feel like drawing a thick line actually makes my eyes look smaller. I then curl my lashes and use Covergirl’s lash blast fusion mascara. I always have to do my eyebrows even if I’m not wearing any other makeup. At the moment I’m using an Anastasia eyebrow grooming brush with a Milani eyebrow kit I got at a drugstore so long ago.

Dress, Reformation

Lastly, I swipe on some Laura Mercier bronzer and basically drench my face in highlighter, either the RMS living luminizer or Laura Mercier matte radiance powder.

Kelsey's skincare routine

I have normal but fairly sensitive skin so I’m all about being gentle and taking care of it. I use the Cetaphil daily facial cleanser and then moisturize with Glossier’s priming moisturizer.
 Dress, Reformation

Dress, Reformation

Kelsey's favorite movies

I’m very into horror films. I always joke that it has something to do with having the same birthday as Rob Zombie. I get really scared sometimes and I’ll even have nightmares after watching a scary movie, but I’m addicted to the thrill of watching them, nonetheless.

Bracelet, RILA

Kelsey's favorite books

I feel like my appreciation of Shakespeare is surprising, even for myself, because I’m usually more into contemporary literature, but ever since reading Twelfth Night in middle school I’ve just been a fan. Macbeth is my favorite because of the more supernatural, mystical elements and the discourse surrounding fate. I also am obsessed with Lady Macbeth. She’s insane but also, like, an old-school H.B.I.C. She’s like the original Tiffany Pollard a.k.a New York from Flavor of Love fame, etc.

 Top, Zara ; Pants, ASOS ; Shoes, Adidas

Top, Zara ; Pants, ASOS ; Shoes, Adidas

I’ve always really liked writing, and I was the editor of my high school newspaper so journalism seemed like a really natural fit for me.

Top, Zara

Top, Zara

I moved to New York to attend New York University in the fall of 2011. I don’t know if I necessarily love New York, to be honest. It can be an incredibly frustrating city, especially coming from Miami, which is more casual and laidback. What I do love about New York are the people—which I guess goes against the usual stereotypes. I’ve met so many wonderful and inspiring people and I feel like I’ve made lifelong friends here.

Kelsey's Wishlist

Kelsey Recommends

It is my belief that Black Market has the best burger in New York City. They also have really great cocktails so it’s just an all-around solid Alphabet City haunt.

Baby’s All Right is a great bar, venue, and restaurant that I go to often. It just has a really fun, non-pretentious vibe. The owner, Billy Jones, also recently opened up Elvis’ Guesthouse in Alphabet City.

ABC Carpet & Home near Union Square is pretty much the most beautiful store, ever. I personally can’t afford anything there but it’s nice to just wander around in the store and get some home décor ideas. There’s a very quiet and chill coffee shop right by where I live. For a while I didn’t know what it was called. My boyfriend and I just refer to it as the Dave Matthews Café because that kind of aptly describes it, but it’s actually called Saints


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