Co-Founder of Collective XX. Greenpoint.


Born in LA, Jasmine ran a successful start-up computer software e-comm company for three years then she created her own online store of Lingerie and Jewelry which ended in 2006. From there, she became Head Women's Buyer of Karmaloop.com in Boston, then finally Senior Creative Web Manager for Forever21 in NY. For the past year, she has taken some time off to raise her little boy as well as recently started a women’s in business network called Collective XX.


Top, H&M ; Pants, American Apparel ; Jacket, Reformation ; Bag, Alexander Wang ; Shoes, Puma

Bodysuit, Reformation ; Overalls, Cappeli

Being in New York City now for almost 2 years I feel encouraged to connect with other women in NY creating things in their life. With that I have started a women in business group with two other ladies called Collective XX. We have brought our circles together and hope to expand our space for young women in business to keep each other encouraged and enlightened throughout the journey.

Bodysuit, Reformation ; Overalls, Cappeli

In the mornings, I go out for a run (if the baby allows it) then a 10 minute meditation (if the baby allows it). Lemon water then coffee while I make Winnie breakfast and from there I begin with e-mails.

Bodysuit, Reformation ; Overalls, Cappeli

We have monthly meet ups and we try to put things into place that the ladies might benefit from. It’s such a wonderful group of women we are able to put in one room and open the conversation and hold space one another. In one of our group meetings, we had a financial planner come in and she told us this was the first in her career she had a group of women. With that I feel we are starting something in the right direction.

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I read The Power of Now quite a long time ago but it’s one of those books you keep re-reading. It changes and confirms your perspective of everything within you. One of my favorite quotes from it is ‘Nothing real can be threatened.’
Straight out of high school my step brother started a ebay store that resold computer software. It grew so fast he built his own website and I came on board to manage everything. It was a whirlwind experience. We were netting millions within the first six months of business. At that time I was attending FIDM and decided to go start my own e-comm business but within fashion. So I got an investor and launched Graffiti Pink (I hate the name now). We were an ecommerce store that sold trendy lingerie. I carried brands like Princess Tam Tam, Honeydew, Hanky Panky and more. This was way before the lingerie trend had kicked in. It became pretty well known in LA. We did a fashion show at the Playboy Mansion, Tyra Banks chose our house line romper as the intimate piece of the year when she had a show, and we got a lot of good press.

Jasmine's favorite beauty products

Dress, Reformation

I’m big on shopping online - Reformation, Pixie Market, MrLarkin, Outnet. I haven’t done a lot of shopping since being pregnant as I’ve been cutting down my wardrobe and wanting to invest into some good pieces. But I’m really loving all the 70’s inspired stuff that’s out now. I’ve always loved that era and it always influences my hair and clothing decisions.

Jasmine's favorite makeup

I make sure to wash my face every night and moisturize. Same thing in the morning. I can tell NY water is changing my skin. I am big on oils for moisturizing and washing my face.

Jasmine's haircare products

I love using coconut oil to remove my eye make up, and it also helps your eyelashes grow.
 Dress, Reformation

Dress, Reformation

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Brunch: I love Cafe Mogador, Sweets: Bakeri & Coffee: Early

People of Tomorrow for shopping

Cocktails: Ramona


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