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Originally from Coronado, CA, Janine Lee is co-founder/CEO of Floss Gloss Ltd, an independent Brooklyn based nail lacquer brand. She studied fashion design at California College of the Arts (2010) in San Francisco and co-founded Floss Gloss Ltd with Aretha Sack in 2011 out of pure necessity and bad (bad) recession job availability. After years in SF, she recently relocated from the Bay Area for Floss Gloss & life to Bushwick in 2014. At this time currently thriving and always striving for success.

Streetstyle details: Top, Soffee ; Pants, Vintage ; Shoes, Modern Vice ;  Bag, Echo Club House ; Sunglasses, Ray-Bans

I always was into coloring, arts & crafts and reading. I read a lot as a kid and worked at a library. I started really doing nail art and painting my nails in middle school and high school. I got Klutz Nail Art Book as a gift when I was a pre-teen and basically never looked back.


Normally I’m up around 8. I take Bodie out with Brett and grab an Americano at AP Cafe or Wyckoff Star. Then Brett and I both get ready for work and maybe make breakfast. I read some emails and do some light work, pack a lunch before I’m off at the Floss Gloss office.


Art class was my favorite and I was in a fine art program at my high school in Connecticut that challenged me to get into art school. I love to paint, sew and create.
 Top, DKNY ; Skirt, Express

Top, DKNY ; Skirt, Express

I paint on 10 tiny canvases these days. But my biggest art influences have always been Matisse, Guagain, Leroy Neiman - color! As for fashion I love fashion history, but in college and still to this day I’m inspired by eastern designers Isse Miyake, Rei Kowakabo and Junya Wantanabe with some American sportswear idols like Geoffrey Beene and Liz Claiborne.

Bracelet, Ball & Chain

I’m obsessed with anything true crime right now. But specifically Ann Rule. I’ve read 3 of her books this year! She is an incredible story teller and nobody really has time for fiction. I need the truth! I also have a lot of art books. I Wonder is just stunning to look at. Mexican Art and anything ancient is super fascinating to me. If I wasn’t in the arts I’d probably be in sociology or anthropology. The Book of the Hand is about palm reading and your life thru your hands. Because its essentially my business I am really into anything related to hands and nails!

Janine's favorite books

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Top, DKNY ; Skirt, Express

I typically hit thrift and vintage boutiques or low end mom & pop boutiques in Bushwick on knickerbocker. My aesthetic is sportswear with a lil prep, a lil urban & a lil high end. I like mixing vintage and new. Putting together a mix of staple basics, jeans/leggings and pair with a vintage top or tee in white or black and a vintage jacket. I have a vintage designer sweater collection that is always growing, Balenciaga, Dior, Valentino & I have really been into check trousers lately! I shop online for basics and shoes and love calling into my favorite vintage store back in the Bay, Black and Brown, when I see they’ve posted something dope and I know it will be gone in 20 mins.

Top, Soffee ; Pants, Vintage

Janine's favorite makeup products

Janine's favorite beauty products

My everyday routine is pretty basic! Lately I’ve been really into the Naked 3 pallet by Urban Decay and the Pro Paint Pots by Mac. Mascara and I’m out! But always moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! I always look at the ingredients in products. And of course sometimes I like to experiment with beauty, because I like art and painting and essentially it’s all the same vibe. I went through a very long glitter eyeliner phase in 2014.

Janine's favorite haircare products

Dress, Vintage

If I have a redder blemish on my face, I get a few drops of OpCon eyedrops onto a q-tip and apply it to the redness. It reduces redness of the eyes and basically does the same thing to the skin. Not sure how- but it does! I also run my eyelash curler under hot water before curling my lashes like a heat perm!

Dress, Vintage

Floss Gloss was born out of necessity. Aretha and I didn’t have a brand that we really felt was speaking to us and to who we were as consumers. We took about a year and wrote a full business prospectus, pitched investors, got money and found excellent manufacturing. We took a big leap and are still going!

Top. Hanes ; Jeans, Levi's ; Shoes, Swedish Hasbeens

Right now I’m really feeling these babies: The Pink Nugget, Smoke on the Nail, Dinge (always), Lavish and Honey!

Janine's FLOSS GLOSS nail collection

Aretha mixes up a bottle of color we both love and we send it to our factory, they send back a matching sample, we approve or disapprove and either re sample or go into production. We have caps, bottles and brushes already at our factory and within 6-8 weeks with sampling we have a new baby! This process can be very challenging because everyone sees color a little differently.
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untitled (524 of 1043).jpg




AP Cafe / Wyckoff Starr for espresso, Northeast Kingdom for dinner or brunch.

The Keep for a cocktail and a free* Tarot card readings every Thursday (*with tip- totally worth it!)

Urban Jungle for vintage - great prices and huge selection if you like to dig and independent boutiques on Knickerbocker! 


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