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Meet Haley Nahman


The Deputy Editor of Man Repeller. In a fast-paced media industry, she shares how she stays sane and how she acquired her sharp writing and editing skills.

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Meet Lauren Servideo

A comedian known for her quirky Instagram videos in which she flaunts original characters and her sharp wit.

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How To Break-in as a writer

There’s no one path to becoming a writer. We asked the writers featured on Passerbuys on their tips and advice on how young and aspiring writers can break into the media industry.

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Meet The Makers: Susan Alexandra

Susan Alexandra is a jewelry and accessories designer based in New York City. She is also someone who is incapable of putting up a front, never afraid to ask for help, and a proud Scorpio.

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Meet Sarah Eaton


The Director of Media and Public Relations at the Guggenheim Museum. Having lived in many cities, she has acquired an eclectic taste in music and arts that have influenced the recommendations she shares with us.

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Tips And Inspiration For Styling Your Bookshelves

From books stacked on the floor or placed neatly alongside the walls, we take a look at some of the best bookshelves on Passerbuys to turn your book obsession into a new home decor style.

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Where To Buy The Best Mattress

With an influx of new online mattress companies, side sleepers, back sleepers, and everyone in between can find or even personalize the perfect mattress.

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Meet Verena Von Pfetten

Co-founder of cannabis focused print publication Gossamer, and Dusk, a CBD sleep aid.

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Meet Jameela Jamil


The Actress & Activist behind NBC’s The Good Place and Instagram movement ‘I Weigh’.

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Meet Natalie Guevara

Head of multi-platform and communications at Genius, the music media company centered on lyrics and music knowledge.

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Meet The Makers: Melissa Broder

We meet the author behind So Sad Today and The Pisces, Melissa Broder.

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The Most Recommended Red Lipsticks

We filtered through the makeup drawers and beauty boxes of the women of Passerbuys to find the most recommended ways to get a red lip.

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Meet Alison Roman


A cook, writer and author of Dining In. Formerly the Senior Food Editor at Bon Appetit, she is now a columnist for The New York Times.

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