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Holly is a freelance manicurist based in New York City. She was trained at the Christine Valmy International School and was introduced to the nail world by assisting notable manicurists Madeline Poole, Naomi Yasuda, and Gina Edwards on shoots and fashion shows. Holly has done editorial and advertising work for clients including: Armani Exchange, Calvin KleinSaks Fifth Avenue, Opening Ceremony, The New York Times, i-D, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue & many more.


Outfit, Vintage

Top, Adam Selman ; Skirt Vintage

I shop on EBAY. Even though it’s insanely popular, there are still tricks and ways to get exactly what you want! I also believe that a womans watchlist is a very sacred thing between her and those closest to her. I love it for vintage because I tend to love things from eras before my time or when I was too young to appreciate them. I also love thrifting... Chicago and Miami are hands down the best spots. Miami especially for vintage Versace.

Shoes, Chanel

When it’s an early work day I have a very tight 30 minute (sometimes even less if I snooze!) routine... I wash my face and put on eye cream and moisturizer. When I get ready to go out I like to measure my out the door time by songs...so usually it takes me a full album to get ready. I like to trick my friends and say “Im leaving in 3 Drake songs”, who knows how long those Drake songs actually are.

Top, Adam Selman ; Skirt Vintage

In New York I’ll check in on vintage shops like Fox & Fawn, Mahps, and Stella Dallas. Occasionally I’ll get something new somewhere like Reformation or Opening Ceremony. I also love the online convenience of ASOS. I could go on and on about shopping, theres definitely something I love about each and every retail institution from the Dollar Store to Bergorf Goodman.

Holly's favorite books

Holly's favorite books

I’m obsessed with air brush art. It’s just so wild how realistic it can look and I especially love the fantasy women. So I’ll draw inspiration from things like the hair or nails of a Vargas girl, or I’ll see some crazy outfit on a Japanese airbrush girl and it will inspire an ebay search! The two zines are from friends. Some Velvet Morning is a zine three of my best friends made about a cross country road trip they made last year. If I’m feeling stumped creatively I’ll flip through it for inspiration or just a mood boost. Kink Nails is also by my friend, artist Tamara Santibanez. It’s a collection of nail shots from a variety of fetish magazines. I love how much expression is in hands and nails, there’s so much personality in hands and manicures.

Dress, Coco Fennell

I always loved painting mine or my friends’ nails until one day a photographer friend of mine, Ben Ritter, asked me to do nails on a photoshoot about female bodybuilders for Vice Magazine. I was so nervous but it was a success! From there I met people who put me on more jobs and it grew from there! I started assisting some really awesome manicurists like Madeline Poole and Gina Edwards and finally found myself on the roster of Kate Ryan Inc. I love my job, I love being in a new environment each time and being a part of amazing creative teams. The downside is that nail polish options are endless... I drive myself crazy deciding between 5 shades of red that are exactly the same... and some how I am constantly in need of new shades!

Dress, Coco Fennel ; Shoes, Chanel

I’ve had a variety of jobs where I was either doing something creative or working with people. Most of the creative jobs I had dealt with jewelry so I learned to work on a small scale drawing and working with beads, stones, and metal findings. Doing nails now, I definitely notice myself applying skills I learned from those days. I’ve also had a lot of practice working with people from various shop jobs, styling, and production jobs. Working with people is definitely 50% of the talent as a set manicurist.

Shoes, Chanel (For Sale)

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My #1 insider tip is to hydrate your cuticles! Coconut oil, cuticle oil (essie or deborah lippmann)! Dab on some during the day and definitely overnight! If you’re in a pinch, lip balm works and gives nails a nice healthy glow. I can’t tell you how many times I have suggested Nailtiques Formula 2 to cure peeling nails and encourage growth and have had friends come back to me a few weeks later with the strongest, longest nails they’ve ever had. I’ve sworn by it for over 10 years!

Holly's favorite beauty products

My make up on work days is no fuss but still polished... Kiehls Micro-Blur Skin Perfecter, concealer under my eyes, and mascara. Right now Im obsessed with Dr. Perricone no foundation serum. I love to look a little glowy so I’ll dab argan oil or MAC strobe cream on my cheek bones as the last step.

Holly's favorite beauty products

Robe, Vintage

When I go out, I’ll add lip liner, lipstick, and eye liner to my routine...For hair, I’ll either do dry shampoo, Bumble & Bumble oil, or just water depending on what my hair looks like.

Top, Vintage ; Shorts, Fendi

Usually Im inspired by something hands could hold or be in front of for a photo, like something Im wearing, a fancy wine glass, the list goes on. Then I think of the nails that would go good with it, that comes from working on jobs and having to develop a nail look to compliment the clothing, make up, or set. If I’m inspired with the nails first it’s usually a color combo I’m feeling, or the pattern from an article of clothing or a texture like velvet, gemstones, marble, etc.

Dress, Vintage ; Bra, H&M ; Underwear, Dollar Store

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Five Leaves for Brunch, Rye has a great dinner (especially the steak!) 

Dokebi for Brunch, lunch, or dinner! Spina for coffee and flowers.

Aire Ancient baths to chill out.


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