Artist/Curator. Bushwick.


Grace Miceli is a 27 year old artist and curator who lives in Brooklyn, NY. She was born in Chicago and attended Smith College. She runs the online exhibition space Art Baby Gallery (since 2011) and this summer curated its first IRL exhibition “Girls At Night On The Internet” at Alt Space Brooklyn. She also runs the clothing line Art Baby Girl and is working on publishing a book of her illustrations through Belly Kids Press in London to be released in early 2016.


Top, Vintage ; Jeans, American Apparel ; Bag, Vintage ; Shoes, FILA ; Sunglasses, Madewell

Top, Vintage

My mom is an artist and my dad is a musician so it’s always been around me. I went into college thinking I was going to be an Art History major but then took a few studio classes and decided it was way more fun, and then making art became my favorite thing to do.
I wake up, check my phone that is usually in bed with me, make coffee & breakfast and then jump on my laptop and get started figuring out what work I have to do that day.

Outfit, American Apparel

I get inspired when I’m really bored, so even though it’s hard to do in NY I try and find time to be alone. I’m inspired by my friends, my favorite TV shows and the internet. I use Crayola & Rose Art Markers, also the “Mr. Sketch” chunky scented markers are my favorite.

 Grace's favorite books

Grace's favorite books

‘Girl’ is the most relatable book to my teenage experience that I’ve read, and I’ve read it many times and it was written by a man which always blows my mind. Just make sure you never watch the movie adaptation.

Leggings, American Apparel ; Shoes, Fila

I like to go to thrift shops in my neighborhood, also sporting goods stores and I spend a lot of time online window shopping. I’m definitely into the athletic look right now, being comfortable is very important to me but I also either look like a extra on Buffy The Vampire Slayer or a high school art teacher.

Grace's favorite beauty products

I’m usually too tired and busy to put much time into my beauty routine. But I make sure to always moisturize, I like being soft and when I remember I try to use any products that make me look less tired, so I guess under eye treatments and recently my make-up has been inspired by my scene teen years, lots of cat-eye make-up and red eyeshadow.
Growing up I felt a lot of pressure to fit in and all the cool girls had thin straight hair so I tortured by poor curls daily with a hair straightener, I even did my middle school science project on the subject of how to best straighten my hair. Then in college I shaved my head to start fresh. Now I’m a die-hard fan of Deva Curl products.

Grace's favorite records

Whenever I feel kind of out of if or sad I usually realize it’s because I haven’t listened to Drake in a few days, it’s all I really need to cheer up.
I emailed Nasa, who runs Alt Space, and at our first meeting we just really clicked and decided we had to collaborate on a show together. Girls At Night On The Internet was an IRL iteration of my online exhibition space Art Baby Gallery and I was so happy with how it turned out. I’m huge fans and friends with everyone who was involved and at the opening it was exciting to meet so many internet friends, we had a huge turnout, there was a line around the corner all night to get in and see the show. I can’t wait to curate another show!

Top, Vintage ; Leggings, American Apparel

Grace's Wishlist

Grace Recommends

Montana’s Trail House for brunch, Urban Jungle for shopping, Molasses Books.


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