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Born in Boulder, Colorado, Erika went to college in upstate NY and London where she studied art and writing. She moved to NYC in 2002 and fell in love with Williamsburg. She discovered her affinity for keyboards, collecting an assortment and putting them to use composing original material. Before long she was collaborating on songs after work with a couple of similarly synth-minded girlfriends, eventually forming the band Au Revoir Simone. Erika is also a Reiki master, practitioner and teacher.


Dress, Reformation ; Jacket, Jordache ; Bag, Vintage ; Shoes, A.P.C. ; Sunglasses, Suncloud

Outfit, Vintage

I’ve always been into music. When I moved to New York I joined a friend’s band and then formed Au Revoir Simone with 2 other friends and started playing shows. It felt pretty normal at the time, like what I was supposed to be doing. I worked other jobs back then too but the band was really the best thing ever.
I’m a slow starter in the morning but I try to greet the day positively by getting centered, setting my intentions and giving thanks. My boyfriend gets up early so he always makes me breakfast and tea which is the nicest. I like to stretch and listen to music and let my mind meander a little bit before looking at my to do list.
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We were being creative, having so much fun, meeting amazing people and eventually traveling to Europe, Asia, and throughout North & South America.

 Top, Vintage ; Skirt,  American Two Shot

Top, Vintage ; Skirt, American Two Shot

I have a lot of vintage synths that I love but I’d say my favorite right now is my Mini Korg. And my favorite instruments to listen to are cello, harp and electric guitar.
 Top, Nasty Gal

Top, Nasty Gal

I learned Reiki in early 2011. It has been a really supportive tool for me to connect to myself and my intuition and help balance out my anxiety. As soon as my touring schedule slowed down I knew I wanted to take the Reiki Master course and I now see clients, host an open Reiki clinic and teach classes at Maha Rose.

 Erika's favorite books

Erika's favorite books

The Lily Circle is a guidebook for a line of flower essences that they sell at Flower Power in the East Village. My friend Melanie took me to one of the authors workshops, she’s a gifted herbalist and developed the lily circle as a fun, user friendly method for flower guidance and healing. It’s powerful stuff! Like talking to a psychic. If you visit the shop you can pick from a deck of cards to know which essence is calling to you.

Erika's haircare routine

I moisturize as much as I can, especially in the winter because my skin tends towards dryness. I always read ingredients and buy natural products, it’s just not worth it to ingest chemicals through our skin when our systems are so sensitive and there are so many great natural alternatives.

Erika's favorite records

I have a lot of disco and dance music records plus vinyl from bands I’ve been on tour with but I pulled out some of my favorite records by female songwriters and friends because they’re probably the most special to me. There’s some Lavender Diamond records, Broadcast & Frida Hyvonen. And the Class Actress EP which I used to DJ a lot so those songs are kind of in my blood.

Outfit, Vintage

We also help each other remember to always bring a jar or reusable container for water or to-go drinks and food. It has really lessened and made me more aware of how much waste I personally create.

RePEaT Utensil Set - Hijiki

I’ve been trying to use less, re-use, recycle and compost as much as possible. The amount of waste that is needlessly brought to landfills is incredibly sad so I’m trying to do my part. My friend Tennessee gave me the set of bamboo utensils and I have lost count of how many times I’ve been able to avoid using plastic because of them.

Erika's favorite beauty products

The makeup I wear is pretty light, my friend Hana gave me a tutorial recently and showed me how to use powdered eye shadow as eye liner with an angled brush and I love that technique because regular thick eye liner pencils have never looked good on me.
 Top, Vintage ; Pants, Guess

Top, Vintage ; Pants, Guess

I’ve been studying with Pilates teacher Jessie Zalla since 2009. She is an anatomy expert and works with integrating the muscles, bones, fascia, blood flow and breath. I used to have pain in my shoulder and lower back issues but working out with Jessie every week & using the foam roller and foot wakers at home has helped a ton. It’s so easy for me to fall into the habit of ignoring my body but it’s really rewarding when I tune in and try to learn from it.

Erika's Wishlist

Erika Recommends

The Deep End Club in the East Village is an amazing shop and a headquarters for activism and information.  I spend all of my free time there because it’s just so full of information and great people working on projects to make the world a better place.

Maha Rose for crystals, angel cards, books and healing workshops. 

My favorite restaurant in NYC is Dimes.


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