Photographer. Clinton Hill.

Originally from Portland, Oregon, BriAnne has lived in Prague, Ukraine & Shanghai for the past few years. She moved to NYC last year with her husband, and is currently working as a fashion photographer. She is also the creator of Girls and Their Cats.  





Dress, Wayf ; Bag, Vintage ; Boots, Samantha Pleet ; Sunglasses, Spitfire

 Top, Madewell ; Jeans, Levi's

Top, Madewell ; Jeans, Levi's

I started taking photos in college because my roommates were both art majors and they were always working on enviable projects. I wanted to get in on the fun. My dad is also a photographer and he had given me an old Canon 35mm that I played around with. Once I started I couldn’t stop. And it wasn’t long before my hobby turned into a side job and then a career.

BriAnne's favorite camera

I wake up at 8am on the dot because that is the compromise I made with my cats and if I sleep in one minute longer I will hear about it. Then I make a cup of tea and check my emails, then yoga. I usually don’t have to be anywhere (unless I have a fashion shoot) until early afternoon so I have the luxury of staying in my pajamas until 11am.

Top, Courtshop ; Jeans, American Apparel ; Shoes, Vagabond

I love film. I would shoot everything with film if it weren’t so expensive.

 BriAnne's gear

BriAnne's gear

Many of those cameras were gifts from loved ones or just fun ones I picked up for travel. Each one was used during a particular period in my life and has special meaning. They are all film save for the Canon 5D II.

 Top, Madewell 

Top, Madewell 

Girls and Their Cats started as a way to meet people, network, and work on something creative when I moved to Brooklyn last year. Originally I thought I would do a series of nudes, but when I was photographing my first nude subject I took a few shots of her and her cat, which ended up being my favorites. I decided that was the direction I wanted to take - photographing girls with their cats - because it was more interesting and hadn’t been done before.

Top, Madewell ; Jeans, Levi's ; Shoes, Keds

I am trying to transition to chemical-free beauty products so a lot of what I use is all natural. It’s tough to find that in makeup though. There aren’t enough regulations in the beauty industry. It can be scary.

BriAnne's favorite beauty products

BriAnne's favorite makeup

I almost never wear makeup during the day. Just a little lotion. It’s usually when I go out that I will take the time to do my makeup. Even then it’s pretty basic - lotion, tinted moisturizer, liner, mascara. Now that I have bangs I don’t have to worry too much about my brows. Once a week I will do the Aztec clay mask. And if I have a break out I use the tea tree oil. It works wonders.

Throw, Pendleton

Jumpsuit, Fischer ; Shoes, Sandgrens

I hate shopping so I rarely go. But if I happen to be out and about, I will pop into vintage shops and hunt for treasures. I would say my aesthetic is comfy, casual, cool because I walk so much. I hate wearing anything restricting or difficult to break in. I try to avoid shopping fast fashion.
 Jumpsuit, Fischer

Jumpsuit, Fischer

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Doris on Fulton (best cocktails)


Outpost on Fulton (coffee) & Clementine Bakery on Greene (vegan pastries)

Speedy Romeo on Classon and Greene (pizza restaurant) & Pilar Cuban Eatery on Greene (Cuban restaurant)


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