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Our mission at Passerbuys has always been to connect you to amazing women who you can rely on for authentic recommendations, tips and advice. We're taking that concept a step further with the Passerbuys Book Club. Every month, we'll choose one book to discuss at an event. Tag #PasserbuysBooks as you read along, and join us at our upcoming discussions.


Our September Pick is Melissa Broder's The Pisces

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In The Pisces, main character Lucy is a self-confessed love addict whose main activity has been writing her dissertation on the famously sensual ancient Greek poet Sappho for the past nine years. When she experiences a dramatic breakup with her boyfriend and finds herself lost, she leaves her home in Phoenix, Arizona for Los Angeles to dog-sit for her sister, Annika. While staying in Annika’s glass house in Venice Beach for the summer, Lucy falls in love with a gorgeous swimmer with a supernatural secret.

The New York Times culture critic Rachel Syme calls The Pisces, “an experimental, exciting work...In recounting one woman’s star-crossed relationship with a folkloric beau, Ms. Broder has crafted a modern-day mythology for women on the verge - if everything on the surface stops making sense, all you need to do is dive deeper.”

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September 17th, 2018             Passerbuys Bookclub at The Picture Room with Melissa Broder & Fariha Róisín