Where to Brunch in Los Angeles

Brunch is a weekend routine staple, but without the right variety of restaurants to grab a late morning (or early afternoon) meal, it can get a little redundant.

Whether you're tired of eating the same old avocado toast or looking for another clever epicurean spin on the cafe standby, picking a favorite brunch spot can be a tricky thing. In addition to what's on the menu, the perfect place to brunch is also dependent on its pricing, ambiance, and location, which can be a lot to think about. Unsurprisingly, brunching is regular part of the routines of the passersby we've met in Los Angeles, and they've shared an abundance of recommendations. So whether you're on the hunt for some good old-fashioned scrambled eggs and roasted potatoes, or are an unabashed fan of artisanal French Toast, click through the slideshow to find one to make your new local spot.

Words by Annachiara Barretto-Grignoli