The Best Places to Go Dancing in NYC

There’s no shortage of places to grab a drink in New York, but the perfect spot for dancing is not quite as easily found.

It's something that is dependent not just on how well the bartender can make a drink (and for what price), but whether the DJ is playing music that makes it impossible to stand still, who else is in the crowd, and the obviously-very-scientific measurement of what kind of "energy" a place has. Reading online reviews is reliable enough when it comes to scouting a good bar, but the same cannot be said for clubs. Nightlife changes too quickly for Yelp to keep up, and it's difficult to gauge what kind of scene or crowd you're committing to over the internet. As it turns out, dance floors and disco balls are still best located the old school way: by word-of-mouth. As someone who wants to bust a move in as many places in New York that a person possibly can, I asked passersby for their party-til-the-sun-comes-up recommendations, and have been dancing my way to permanently blistered feet ever since. Click through the slideshow above to find a spot to get down at this weekend.

Words by Kate Palisay