The Passerbuys 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

If you’re starting to panic about how you’ll find something for everyone on your list in time for the holidays, take a deep breath and check out our 2016 Gift Guide.

We’re sharing our top picks from our own wish list so you can stop stressing about shopping and start enjoying the season, preferably with some mulled wine and a slice of pie. The best part? We’re including some exclusive discounts to help get you in the spirit. Happy Holidays, from Passerbuys.


Fur Oil

A bottle of Fur Oil is our top pick for your product-obsessed friend whose bathroom looks like her personal drugstore. She’s the queen of indulgent bathtime rituals, and she’ll love the new addition to her routine. Plus, the pretty bottle of chartreuse-colored oil will look great on one of her many fully-stocked shelves. Get 15% off your order through Jan. 2 when you sign up to receive emails from Fur.

Laura Lombardi

When we visited Laura Lombardi’s studio as part of our Meet The Makers series, we immediately knew that a piece from her elegant jewelry line would make a perfect gift for any number of women on our holiday shopping list. We’re already picturing how perfect the XL Classic Hoop Earrings will look dangling from the ears of any number of our well-dressed friends, from the polished minimalist dresser whose wardrobe is strictly neutrals, to the funky modern hippie who loves to rock a colorful headscarf. Order a pair with our exclusive code PasserBuys and get 25% off through Dec. 20.


You can get 15% off two of our favorite styles, Earth Itajime and Kelp Arashi, through Dec. 31 with the codes PASSERBUYS-EARTH and PASSERBUYS-KELP, respectively.

Seeing Upstate founder Kalen Kaminski in action when we visited her studio made us fall in even more in love with the brand’s shibori-inspired tie-dyes. One of her sarongs, which can be used as anything from a scarf to a swaddle-ready blanket, is our top pick for that globe-trotting friend who’s always on the go. 


Floss Gloss

Some of us collect shades of lipstick. Others collect sheet masks, or won’t stop until they’ve tried every serum under the sun. We’re also told that some people collect objects that aren’t beauty products, but we’re skeptical about that one. For the friend whose favorite obsession is nail polish, a little bottle of something pretty (or fierce, or punk rock - the options are endless!) from the Floss Gloss Holidaze 2016 Collection will be a guaranteed hit. And with 15% off the whole collection through Dec. 31 with the code LOVEPASSERBUYS you can order a shade for everyone you need a little something small for. 

The Abstract Pant.png


Anything from independent clothing label AYR is guaranteed to fit seamlessly into the thoughtfully curated of closets of your best-dressed friends. With high quality materials and designs that won’t go out of style with the changing of seasons, the splurge will be worth it if you’re shopping for someone high on your list, like a best friend or sister. Make the purchase a little easier on your budget by using the code AYR-PASS to get 15% off your order and free shipping through Dec. 31. 


If your roommate is Arianna Huffington (or equally obsessed with naps and general lounging around), they’re going to love some Idlewear from Rudas. We know, they already manage to always look so well-rested, and your jealousy kind of makes you want to get them a year’s supply of ground espresso in hopes of messing up their perpetual calm. But you know they’d look too chic relaxing in the Oyster-colored Dune Jacket for you to start acting petty now. Good job! As a reward, take 20% off your order with the code CHEERS20 through Dec. 31. 


From Glossier's many holiday specials, we'd pick the Phase 1 + Black Tie combo set for our trendy younger sisters (who may need a little push to take care of their skin as they party through their college years), and take advantage of the 4 for 40 deal on Flavored Balm Dot Com to gift to the friend whose chapped lips always suffer all winter long. Either way, we'll feel extremely satisfied that our purchase will qualify for free shipping on orders over $30.



We think a Tinker watch would look great on anyone’s wrist, but it seems like a particularly good choice for that friend who just rented a rustic cabin in Vermont for New Year’s...sans electricity. Even brave, adventurous souls need to know when the clock strikes midnight, and a watch from Tinker is an especially stylish way to know the time long after iPhone batteries die. Opt to design the watch yourself to give your gift a personal touch. For 10% off your purchase through Dec. 31, use the code Tinkerbuys.

Illustrations by Rachel Campbell

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