4 Eyebrow Products That Won't Disappoint

gia salvaggio passerbuys boy brow
With any new beauty trend comes an onslaught of new products promising to achieve the look, and with full, “natural” brows proving to be the standard—not just a passing trend—it can feel like there are a few too many options when trying to find the perfect brow product.

Gone are the years where we spent hours plucking our brows to achieve a dramatically thin, barely-there look (thankfully.) Now, we spend an equal amount of time scavenging through blogs, websites, and makeup counters to find products that do just the opposite. Brands have caught onto the trend and introduced endless products that promise to thicken, fill, define, and groom arches that mimic the full brows of those who have been naturally blessed. If you're really committed to the look, you could go get your brows micro-bladed—a semi-permanent treatment that's essentially tattooing the appearance of full brows onto your face—into perfectly symmetrical perfection. But if you're looking for something a little less extreme (and dare we say, more natural), we rounded up the most recommended brow products from passersby.

glossier boy brow passerbuys

1. Glossier Boy Brow

Beyond being the most recommended brow product, Glossier's best-selling Boy Brow is one of the most recommended products on Passerbuys period. This little tube does it all: fluffs, fills, and shapes your brows into place. The formula is inspired by traditional hair pomade to ensure that the product doesn't stiff or harden the hair on your brows. And if you're looking to achieve that untamed brow look, then you've found your match. Passersby like Ivy Weinglass, considers herself a "full, thick, untamed brows kind of gal," swear by it.

Recommended by: Gia SalvaggioStephanie DanlerAlaa BalkhyIvy Weinglass, Sabrina Diaz, Nicole SteriovskiEmma OrlowDana DroriKayla TanenbaumMariana Orkenyi,  and Charlotte Hundley 

anastasia beverly hills dip brow pomade passerbuys

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade

The formula in this pomade is oh-so-creamy and provides color, shaping, and shading all in one. It's also created to stay perfectly put in humidity and on oily skin—two things many of us unfortunately have to endure. Available in an astonishing eleven shades, you'll have no issue finding your perfect match. 

Recommended by: Marjon carlosLauren Nostro Janelle Anne, Tamara Santibanez

maybelline eye studio brow precise micro pencil passerbuys

3. Maybelline Eye Studio Brow Precise Micro

This mechanical pencil is incredibly easy to use with an ultra-fine tip that you simply just twist to get more product. After drawing light strokes on top of the sparse areas of your brows, take the brush on the other end to groom upwards and blend. Easy as that. The precision in this baby is impeccable, and at a drugstore pricepoint, it practically sells itself.

Recommended by: Alyssa Coscarelli

votre vu arch de triumphe brow definer passerbuys

4. Votre Vu Arch De Triumphe Brow Definer

This brow definer from French brand Votre Vu won't disappoint with its antioxidant enriched, lightweight, and water-resistant formula. Photographer Angela Kohler swears by it's staying power during shoots: "it won’t smear when I jam a camera up to my face." The formula even contains micronized minerals so there's no possibility of your eyebrows looking the slightest bit penciled in.

Recommended by: Angela Kohler

Words by Michaela Del Viscovo