Photographer/Photo Director at Nylon Magazine. Midtown.


Beth is a photographer and the photo director of NYLON magazine. She grew up in Connecticut and Chicago before moving to New York 8 1/2 years ago to study at ICP. She was a photo editor at Travel + Leisure prior to her time at Nylon. She loves horror movies, dolls, and Britney Spears. 



Top, Band of Outsiders ; Jeans, The Row ; Coat, No.21 ; Bag, Céline ; Shoes, Acne 

Sweater, Organic by John Patrick ; Jeans, J Brand

My friend, fellow photo editor and photographer Katie Dunn, inspired me to become a photographer. I’ve known Katie my entire life. When my sister and I were very young, Katie would take beautiful black and white portraits of us for her high school photography class. We would organize Katie’s film rolls in between shots and she would let us take photos with her camera. From then on I was hooked. I started out with a disposable camera and barbie models.
I wake up, turn on NY1, and have a yerba mate. Then I (very) slowly but surely get ready for work. At some point I sneak in a call to my sister Katie for outfit advice. I’m always running late so makeup is done on the go but I never leave without a healthy spritz of A Quiet Morning Miller et Bertaux perfume.
— On her morning routine

Sweater, Organic by John Patrick ; Jeans, J Brand

I really only shoot film, mainly medium format. My go-to cameras are my Pentax 67 II and Fuji 645. I love shooting portraits, miniatures, and places in decay.

Top, Jacquemus ; Jeans, The Row ; Photograph, Paul D'Amato

 Beth's favorite cameras and lenses

Beth's favorite cameras and lenses

Travel + Leisure took me around the world, literally. For most of my time at T+L the photo department consisted of all female photographers, and we were all shooting for the magazine. At the time I didn’t realize just how special that was. (It was at T+L that I discovered the Pentax 6x7, which was our staff camera.) As a young photographer, I always wished to one day work at NYLON. Everyday I get to collaborate with incredible art directors, editors, photographers, stylists, hair and makeup teams, models—the list goes on. I’m constantly inspired.

Dress, Vintage

Dress, Vintage ; Photograph, Paul D'Amato

My mom and my sister are responsible for all of the best things in my closet. The pieces that I covet most were either a gift or a hand-me-down or just plain stolen from their closets. Some of my favorite shops are American Two Shot, Gail Rothwell, and Warm. My aesthetic is relaxed and a little retro. I love knits and bell bottoms. I often wear overalls when I’m shooting - lots of pocket space for film and my light meter.
 Dress, Vintage ; Photograph,  Paul D'Amato

Dress, Vintage ; Photograph, Paul D'Amato


Beth's favorite makeup

I’ve been pretty consistent with my makeup regime since high school - lots of mascara, eyeliner, and a little lipgloss. One of my close friends who’s a beauty editor just gave me Boy Brow by Glossier, which I really like. I’ve also recently gotten into face masks, which I love to do with my mom and sister on our girls nights. My favorite is Charlotte Tilbury’s Goddess Mask.

Top, Jacquemus

My favorite daily product is Le Metier de Beaute Peau Vierge Anti-Aging Complexe SPF 18. It really makes your skin shimmer.

Beth's favorite skincare products

Top, Organic by John Patrick, Jeans, J Brand

The Britney book is one of my favorite things in the world. To say I’m crazy about Britney would be an understatement. Brit Forever.

Beth's favorite books

Juergen Teller Go-Sees was suggested by a close friend when I first started at NYLON as the model booker. This collection inspired me to start shooting film portraits of the girls I was casting. It’s just fantastic.

Top, Band of Outsiders

Beth's Wishlist

Beth Recommends

My favorite restaurant in New York is The Little Owl. It's on Bedford and Grove, which is one of the dreamiest intersections in New York. 

My favorite bar is Emmetts, which is owned by a very dear old friend and serves the best deep-dish pizza on the East Coast (though I prefer his thin crust). 


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