Meet Gia Salvaggio

Gia Salvaggio


Born and raised in a little town in the french part of Belgium, Gia is finishing her photography studies before sailing away in a big city to become a full-time photographer. An avid reader and movie enthusiast, she always find things to do, read, see and of course, photograph. 



STREETSTYLE DETAILS: T-shirt, Zara ; Skirt, American ApparelShoes, CASTAÑER ; Bag, Loq


Photography by Gia Salvaggio

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Blouse, Zara ; Jeans, Levi's Vintage 501

Blouse, Zara ; Jeans, Levi's Vintage 501

I got a camera for Christmas when I was fifteen and I haven’t put it down since. I photograph things that are aesthetically appealing to me, that’s why I have trouble at school. My teachers need a story behind my pictures and sometimes I don’t have one, I just loved how it looked and I took the picture. Photographing old people is my jam though, they are always so polished. When I went to Rome, earlier this year, I often found myself following people around to get a good picture. To be a photographer, being a stalker is quality you must have sometimes.
The first thing I do when I wake up is put on my glasses because I can’t see anything. Then I go get my coffee (always iced) , check my phone or read a bit while drinking it and then I proceed to run from left to right while getting ready because I’m probably late since I spent too much time enjoying my coffee.

Blouse, Zara ; Jeans, Levi's Vintage 501

Gia's favorite books

When It comes to movies, I don’t care if the story is bad as long as the cinematography is on point because I spend more time thinking about the shot than about what the character is saying. Of course, if the story is good too then, great. But it goes with what I said for my pictures, aesthetic is everything to me and if you can add a sense, it’s even better. If you pause a movie, it has to look like a good picture, it’s when you know you’re watching something great.
Otherwise I always carry a little analog camera to immortalize my everyday life : It’s a Olympus MJU - 1.

Earrings, Laura Lombardi

My first camera was a Nikon and whenever I bought a new camera it always have been. My favorite lens is a 35mm 1.4F because I love a really blurry background for portraits.

Pants, Zara

I used to shop a lot at Zara but now I’m trying to shop less often and better. I go to Vintage shops, I browse the internet or I indulge in a good piece. For fall I want to look like the love child of Keith Richards and Joan Didion.

Gia's favorite skincare products

Gia's favorite makeup

My beauty routine is quite low maintenance, I have a cream for the morning, I have an oil for the night, I wash my face in between. I exfoliate and do a mask once a week. For my make up, I don’t wear foundation and I like to look like myself, sometimes I’ll add a red lip. Glossier is one of my favorite brand because they’re not trying to sell you this perfect persona that frankly nobody can be, they know everybody is sort of unique and they make the kind of products to enhance your features and give you this really fresh look that I love.

Glasses, Garrett Leight ; Ring, J. Hannah






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