Co-Founder of Maak Haus/Manager at Peasant. East Williamsburg.


Beata is the co – founder / creative director of Maak Haus. The concept of the series itself is to curate live events that combine emerging musicians with emerging visual artists. She is currently working on the launch of Madame Maak, which will be an online magazine documenting and exploring all of the creatives involved in HMS.


Top, Isabel MarantJacket, Blk Dnm ; Pants, Current/Elliott ; Sunglasses, The Row ; Shoes, Sam Edelman

Top, Rancid ; Shorts, J. Lindeberg

I get the New York times delivered, so during the week breakfast is paired with the newspaper. I spend a few hours working on Maak Haus (sending emails, doing research, having meetings, producing projects) and around 1pm I jump in the shower and head out to start my ‘work day’.

Top, Rancid ; Shorts, J Lindeberg ; Boots, Mexicana

When I do shop, my go to places are the (steals and deals!), Tokyo 7 (vintage store in the East Village), and Century 21 (THE BEST).
I wake up around 9 am and bask in the sunlight for a few minutes. (Perks of sleeping under a skylight). Usually I’m starving as soon as I get out of bed so I head straight to the kitchen and make breakfast.

Top, BLK DNM ; Pants, Current/Elliott

Ever since I moved into my current apartment, clothing has taken a back seat to furniture. I stick to the basics now. One pair of (my version of) perfect leather pants, leather & suede jacket, a few t- shirts, Chelsea boots & cowboy boots. Once I find an ‘essential’ that feels right to me, I stop shopping.

Top, Rancid ; Shorts, J Lindeberg ; Boots, Mexicana

 Jacket, BLK DNM

Jacket, BLK DNM

I moved to NYC for an internship at Rag & Bone. The job didn’t last long but my love affair with the city has.
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Haus Music Series was born out of a desire to extend the reach of emerging artists. My entire group of friends in New York is comprised of the most incredibly creative, talented and driven people I’ve ever met. I’ve always felt the desire to create more avenues and channels to advance their success.

Beata's favorite books


Top, BLK DNM ; Pants, Current/Elliott ; Slippers, Pearl River Market

Beata's favorite makeup

When I moved to New York I spent a lot of time moving from apartment to apartment and generally living out of my suitcase. Whenever I did settle in to an apartment for an extended period of time, the aesthetic was already established by the primary resident. My current space was the first opportunity I had to really create a home for myself. That’s where I picked up the furniture lust bug. Pretty much everything in the apartment was found in three places; craigslist, ebay and build it green (A really sweet furniture consignment store in Brooklyn.)

Beata's favorite beauty products

My beauty routine is pretty simple. I use a self tanner to maintain my tan year round (secret’s out), a concealer for the #newyorkhussle dark circles under my eyes, and a bronzer for a man-made sun-kissed glow. The whole process takes me about a minute and a half.

Top, Vince ; Shorts,  J Lindeberg

  Top, Vince ; Shorts,    J Lindeberg

Top, Vince ; Shorts,  J Lindeberg

A few years ago I swore off heat styling. My hair was really suffering from straightening, curling and blow-drying. Now I wash my hair with organic shampoo and conditioner and let it air dry. The subtle ombre is from the sun!
 Top, Vince

Top, Vince

Beata's Wishlist

Beata Recommends

My favorite spots are Happy Ending for late night drinks, Rin Tin Tin for after work drinks.

 La Colombe on Lafayette and West 4th for the best coffee and a great meeting spot.

Peasant Restaurant for dinner and Peasant Winebar for subterraneous drinks. 


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