Co-Founder/CEO of FLOSS GLOSS. Bushwick


Born and raised in Austin, Texas. Aretha studied painting at California College of the Arts, where she met her business partner Janine, after selling her a custom nail polish she had made. They founded Floss Gloss Ltd in San Francisco in 2011 over a mutual admiration of each other as well as of fashion, music, color and nails. In April 2016, it will have been 2 years since they moved to Brooklyn and expanded. 

Streetstyle details: Outfit, Vintage ; Bag, Mandee ; Shoes, Misguided

Top, Witchfinder General ; Skirt, Forever 21

I am broke because I own a small business but I like vintage.
I wake up embarrassingly late after sleeping through no less than 10 alarm times and sprint to our office looking like shit.

Top, Witchfinder General ; Skirt, Forever 21

Aesthetically, I’m all over the map - from Axl Rose to The Undertaker. I shop wherever honestly.

Outfit, Misguided

Aretha's favorite records

Music has been my main interest since the beginning. I love rock as well as rap but never together. My prized possessions are my slayer poster given to me from an old roommate, my No Limit belly chain that I bought at a gas station in Texas in the 90’s and my David Lee Roth autobiography. My WWF record is hilarious. I love that you described it as beautiful, I wouldn’t disagree!
In college I was selling custom nail polish colors, specifically a Tiffany’s turquoise that I couldn’t find. I would mix in colors and sell them to the girls at school for $5 a bottle while also waiting tables at night. I met Janine at an English class and she bought some of my Tiffany’s turquoise nail polish. After graduation, Janine called me and said she bought a business license with my name on it and so I decided to roll the dice and just do it.

Outfit; Misguided

I strategically kept a job I hated as it was ridiculously easy and lucrative to stay inspired.
It was hard as hell both waitressing and launching a business at the same time.

Floss Gloss Collection

 Aretha's favorite beauty products

Aretha's favorite beauty products

I like to play with makeup but I usually do simple because it’s hard and I’m always in some kind of rush but I’d like to get better at cool elaborate stuff. I always do mascara and brows with a black little wing on the corners. I like products with minimal ingredients and I really try to avoid lotions with alcohol and the bad stuff. I love to moisturize proper.
I love me a face mask. I try to do that every day since I’m old as the hills now and I’m pretty rough on everything as you can see.

Aretha's favorite books

I read Knife Throwing front to cover - I got it at a truck stop in Arizona and its actually taught me a lot.



El Cortez for drinks, King Noodle for food.


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