Sales Associate at Balenciaga/Musician. Bushwick. 


Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Anita moved to NYC 3 years ago to finish school, graduating from Hunter College with a Music degree. She is currently recording an EP for her first solo project, under the name "La Berta", produced by Noise Club. 




Coat, Topshop ; Bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs ; Shoes, Converse ; Sunglasses, Oliver People. 

 Top, & Other Stories.

Top, & Other Stories.

I shop a lot at & Other Stories, probably because it’s right across the street from work, but the price point for the quality you get, specially in shoes is great.
I try to start my mornings with a strong Cuban coffee and a gym workout. I’ll then have breakfast, usually granola with almond milk and fresh fruit, while listening to radio.
I hang out a lot in my kitchen. I love to just listen to NPR in the mornings. The Brian Lehrer Show is my favorite (laughs) I’m such an old lady!

 Top & Necklace by & Other Stories ; Shorts, Uniqlo.

Top & Necklace by & Other Stories ; Shorts, Uniqlo.

I love mixing dressier pieces with more casual items.
 Top, Uniqlo

Top, Uniqlo

All I need to write songs is my guitar, iPad, headphones & a Moleskine Notebook.

Anita's writing process

Top, Uniqlo ; Skirt, & Other Stories ; Shoes, Balenciaga

I come from a big family, I’m the youngest of six siblings and three of my brothers are musicians. My brother Augustin taught me to play guitar and my Dad worked in the music industry in Argentina when I was kid.
 Top & Necklace by & Other Stories ; Shorts, Uniqlo ; Bag, Marc Jacobs  (For Sale)

Top & Necklace by & Other Stories ; Shorts, Uniqlo ; Bag, Marc Jacobs (For Sale)

I have always admired women singer-songwriters like Ximena Sariñana and Natalia Lafourcade (they are both Mexican artists that I’ve used as a point of reference). A very important person in my musical career was a professor I had in College, Richard Burke, who passed away last year. He taught me the importance to keep making music, even when you are not happy with what you are producing. If you continue, something good will come out.. I always think of him when I write music.

Anita's Favorite Beauty Products. 

I don’t really have a beauty routine, but I do facial scrubs three times a week!

Top, Uniqlo

I steal a lot of my boyfriend’s s shirts. I initially bought this shirt from Uniqlo for him, but I ended up wearing it first.

Top, & Other Stories

Anita's Favorite Shoes from Left to Right: & Other Stories, Dr. Martens, Balenciaga, Vintage, Converse & Vans.

I love reading, but I only read in Spanish. It’s my first language, and reading in it is my moment of joy, no efforts involved.

Top, H&M

Almudena Grandes develops each of her characters with some much depth, that’s why her book is so big, but that’s also why you fall in love with them.

Anita's Stuff For Sale


Anita's Wishlist

Anita Recommends

For brunch, I love Fritzl's Lunch Box, they have a great patio and Tandem, their bar is cool too. 

The only place to get traditional Vietnamese food in Bushwick is Lucy's. Chimu Express has the most amazing Peruvian food as well as the friendliest staff in the neighborhood.

Boobie Trap and Pearl's Social are great bars in the neighborhood. 


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