Aspiring Chef. Williamsburg. 


Born and raised Iranian who spent a good chunk of her young adult life in Southern California before moving to NYC to finish college in 2009. She studied media and later spent some time working in advertising and media jobs but always kept getting drawn back to food and hospitality.
She currently the in-house catering manager at a multifunctional photography studio in NYC but is making the transition to focus solely on a career in food.


Top, Brandy Melville ; Pants, Urban Outfitters; Backpack, Vintage. 

Top, Cheap Monday ; Overall, Vintage

Top, Cheap Monday ; Overall, Vintage

Maybe because it’s summer but I’m really into wide leg and high waisted, feeling very much into the 70’s cuts at the moment. Also really into jumpers and oversized clothing on days I’m feeling lazy.

Top, Margot

I wake up very early in the morning which doesn’t give me enough time to have a coffee or anything. I jump in the shower, pick out an outfit, spray and water all of my plants and head out the door. I take some vitamins too.

Dress, Kenar

I do a lot of consignment shopping, cheap chain store shopping but then mix it up with a few nicer quality items. I guess I like to mix cheap and expensive.

Anahita's favorite beauty products

I’m very low maintenance and leave the house with wet hair everyday. I use natural products for my hair and face and moisturize with herb and nut based oils because you never know what’s in anything these days.

Dress, Kenar

Anahita's makeup routine

My makeup routine is pretty low maintenance too, normally just a tinted moisturizer, mascara and blush. If I’m feeling fancy maybe a little bit of lipstick. Every once in a while I get a pedicure or splurge on a massage.
Jumpsuit, Grace Troxell

Jumpsuit, Grace Troxell

Anahita's favorite books

I really like Diner Journal. It’s a community food zine that combines food and art culture. They do a good job at embracing local/sustainable food culture and they have a lot of great recipes and feature interesting and relevant content.

Top, Cheap Mondays ; Overall, Vintage

Dress, Kenar

Food has always been something very natural to me, and I think it’s such a personal experience that often times we forget. It’s sustaining and connects pretty much everything surrounding and everyone together. I guess I like the process of creating something that is laborious and challenges all of the human senses on so many varying levels. It’s nice to create something and have someone else eat it and physically and emotionally experience it.
It’s like I made this, and you’re putting it in your body...and maybe you’re just hungry and you don’t care or maybe it makes you happy or sad or remind you of your grandma or another place in the world and it’s come a long way from wherever it was and whatever shape or form it was to finally get on this plate.
Jumpsuit, Grace Troxell

Jumpsuit, Grace Troxell

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